Dragon & Elfs MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) 4.2.45

Updated 11/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameDragon & Elfs APK
PublisherMore Chili Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Resources
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dragon & Elfs

Dragon & Elfs MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) is a world where you can accompany the elves to fight. You will set foot in a magical land where the dwarves live with magic. But this life has been turned upside down since the evil dragons arrived here. After thousands of years of deep sleep, they have awakened and want to devour everything. Everything here, from the mountain, they have eaten the dragon to the trees, So you have to fight with the small but determined dwarves. Unite with the dwarves to fight and stop the evil dragons from destroying the world.

You have entered the world of elves and will be overwhelmed by the magic of magic here. It is a magical land filled with tiny creatures with powerful abilities. And everything here goes on in peace until the evil dragons appear. They devour everything with their power and destroy the peace of the goblin world. So it would be best if you stood up with the queen of the dwarves to start the resistance. Meanwhile, you need to heal this world with the treasures you collect. Defeat the evil dragons and keep the world of the dwarves safe from evil.

Dragon Elfs android

Download Dragon & Elfs APK mod – Fight with the goblin world against the evil dragon’s attack

The world you enter is where elves live under the queen’s rule. She led the place to develop and form a community of magical dwarves. But this place has been completely ruined since the evil creatures invaded. They are dragons that have awakened and devoured everything in this wondrous world. So it would be best if you cooperated with the leader of the goblin world to fight to protect the world. Then your task is to combine the dwarves and upgrade their power. Evolve the members of the goblin world and take down the evil dragons.

Dragon Elfs mod apk

Collect elves

You have to fight against the evil dragons attacking the goblin world. They can destroy everything and devour the entire world with their destructive power. So you need to collect brave dwarves and start your journey against dragons. There are over 60 different types of elves for you to find in combat missions. They have extraordinary magical power and will be effective in different battles. But the evil dragons will not be easily defeated, and you need to upgrade the goblin power. Build a team of mighty dwarves to stop the evil dragon in Dragon & Elfs APK 4.2.45.

Dragon Elfs apk

Merge and fight

The dwarves will be your assistant in the quest against the evil dragons. But they are sacred dragons, so they will have destructive power and make you fail in defence. So you need to merge your dwarves and help them become more robust. That way, you can increase the power of the goblin world and persevere against the evil dragon. Besides, you can merge the items of this world and turn them into weapons. This also challenges your creativity in your quests against dragons. Show off your fighting prowess with your fused dwarves in challenging quests.

Dragon Elfs mod

Conquer the battle stages

The goblin queen will accompany you in her quest to fight for the world. And where you will stand to defend is the kingdom of the dwarves fighting the evil dragon. So you have united your goblin warriors to have the power to destroy them. However, you need to help the dwarves rebuild the lands destroyed by dragons. And you have to overcome more than 400 battle stages to complete the challenge. Besides, you must conquer over 1000 missions when accompanying the elves. Fight with the world of goblins and rebuild the world with them after defeating the sacred dragon.

Dragon Elfs free

The land of the elves has been vandalized, and the evil dragons are responsible for this. They have swallowed everything in the world and are still destroying the lands. So the dwarves must stand up to stop the evil dragon from destroying the world. And you will be the one to power this world with your combined ability. The dwarves will become stronger when you combine them during battle. And the items you provide will help them conquer the challenges against the sacred dragon. Download Dragon & Elfs MOD APK to protect the goblin world from the evil dragon attack.

How to Download & Install Dragon & Elfs MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) for Android


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