COMPLEX_LOOP JP MOD APK (Unlimited tickets/Auto win) 1.1.8

Updated 04/12/2023 (3 months ago)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited tickets/Auto win
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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1. Unlimited Tickets
2. Auto win & Clear


For players who love the beauty of characters in Japanese animation. Those characters are shimmering and brilliant, like a beautiful picture in COMPLEX_LOOP JP and promise to bring an exciting adventure experience for those who play that game—a vast number of characters with diverse designs and styles, from the main character to the villain. The plot of the game COMPLEX_LOOP JP is captivating from the beginning—the inimitable highlight of the games from the beautiful cherry blossom country. This is a suitable game if you love exploring and discovering mysteries. Without any horror elements, but extraordinarily sensational and full of surprises. Drama on every minute of every second with the genre of adventure and escape novels.

In the game, the player is caught in unexpected trouble and must find a way to remove it—a combination of the novel’s great plot and the comic’s shimmering characters. Meet the requirements of even the most demanding players in terms of both content and images. Have you ever wondered about the mysteries behind the timeline? Movies with the genre of time travel, time leap, time slide, and time loop are always hit every time they are released. And today, players can experience it at COMPLEX_LOOP JP.


Download COMPLEX_LOOP JP mod – Become a time traveller.

They are no longer limited to the actual space. COMPLEX_LOOP JP will transport players through the world’s space and time. Go everywhere to solve mysteries by answering puzzles. This game also brings a very touching story for players to ponder slowly. COMPLEX_LOOP JP allows the player to adjust the game difficulty at the start freely. Choose the easy level if you don’t feel confident and the hard one if you want to challenge yourself. Be careful with every action, and don’t let the timeline be disturbed at any cost. Players will transform into the character Rain Climber and suddenly encounter countless dangers. The player’s task is to escape a critical situation, preserve life, and start a magical journey!


Background of the character Rain Climber

The player’s character is, unfortunately, n a rather negative situation. For some unknown reason, the character Rain Climber became a criminal and was sent to prison. And the players have to find a way to prove that they are entirely innocent. One day, the Rain Climber was taken to the National Institute of Space-Time Structures. There is only one unfinished time machine; the remaining time is 20 minutes. There is no other way the players will have to help Rain Climber perfect the machine quickly. To be able to go back in time and save the character himself before being captured. Suppose a trip with too many risks is the only way to rescue the player himself. Repeat the journey continues until you successfully escape. It’s time to change your destiny.

COMPLEX LOOP JP mod android

Spectacular escape

The game COMPLEX_LOOP JP is unique in the escape adventure novel genre. The player character Rain Climber in the scene is a prisoner incarcerated. And certainly not to let this situation last but to think of a way to escape. Too many challenges are prepared to wait for the players to come and solve each one. The only objective is to free the player himself and get out of the time loop. The central location is a mysterious space station, and the storyline is unpredictable. Look around carefully and use everything you can to perfect the time machine because that’s the only way to open a life path, even though it’s tough. Each time the device is used, the future will also change according to the choice of the player of the game COMPLEX_LOOP JP.

COMPLEX LOOP JP mod android free

My detector-style puzzle

Players must solve countless puzzles on their journey to uncover the mystery of the timeline. Not simple puzzles, but puzzles that appear in the style of minesweeping. Players will encounter tremendous obstacles coming from seemingly dead enemies because they travel to the time when they are alive and not destroyed. It can be fearsome terrorists, employees of research sites and many enemies of unknown origin. Players will go to many locations to adventure and find answers to innocence. Squares appear on the screen, asking the player to click to see the puzzle. Don’t let too many wrong choices happen if you don’t want to end your life early. Find the answer and defeat the enemy as time counts down.

Download COMPLEX_LOOP JP mod to participate in a mysterious war and solve minesweeping puzzles to free your character from the time loop.

How to Download & Install COMPLEX_LOOP JP MOD APK (Unlimited tickets/Auto win) for Android


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