Dog Rescue MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.1.6

Updated 03/05/2024 (2 months ago)
NameDog Rescue APK
PublisherWEGO Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Dog Rescue

Rescue your pet dog from being attacked by bees in Dog Rescue game. Your pet dog goes for a walk and accidentally gets attacked by bees. Bees are always on the lookout for approaching creatures because they want to protect their nests. And your dog is one of the creatures targeted by bees. After hiding out, it approached the hive to find out what the thing hanging above was. Now it is in danger, and you, as its owner, must act quickly. Use your abilities to draw lines around the dog and rescue them from the bees.

Your dog, unfortunately, becomes the target of attacks by bees flying out of the hive. It is natural for them to want to attack your dog because this is their home. The bees cannot let anyone approach the pack for their safety and the nest. You want to rescue your pet dog, but you can’t do that to harm the bees. So be fair in the rescue for the safety of the bees and the dog. Return will be easy if you know how to pay attention to the security of both. Use your way to isolate your dog from the bees and find a way to the rescue.

Dog Rescue android

Download Dog Rescue mod – Rescue pet dogs

Bees are not wrong in actively attacking your pet dog for safety reasons. They have a reason to come out of their nest, approach your dog, and threaten. But because the dog was curious about the beehive hanging overhead and ignored the warning signal. The bees eventually flew towards the dog; if you didn’t rescue it, it would be stung. So you must act quickly to isolate the bees from your pet dog. And it would be best if you also didn’t hurt the bees because they have a good reason to protect the hive. So instead, use brush strokes to save the dog from being stung by bees.

Dog Rescue apk

Rescue puzzle

Your pet is the dog out there with bees ready to sting anyone. Although they are very gentle at regular times, they are prepared to rush out when they feel in danger. Your dog threatened the bees and decided to rush toward the pet. You are lucky to see that, but the more important thing is still successfully rescuing the dog. The fact that the bees haven’t stung your dog is good because you can still save. But this also creates a puzzle for you to keep the dog, but the bees are still safe. Every puzzle has a solution and rescuing your dog will be easy.

Dog Rescue mod apk

Rescue lines

Your puppy is about to be stung by bees, and you must rescue him quickly. You found a pen nearby, and it helped you save the dog. The lines from the cell can temporarily separate the bees from your dog. And this is very important when you can take the time to take the dog outside. If the dog is safe, you can use that pen to draw any shape you want. Bees can also attack your puppy in all directions, so be reflexive. Whether your dog is safe from the bees depends on the rescue lines.

Dog Rescue free

Rescue level

Bees have surrounded your dog, and it is difficult to rescue him from puzzles. The bees can’t easily ignore the dog; if you want to save it, you must overcome the challenge. The bees will constantly come up with new puzzles, which you must complete. Those quizzes will be like quiz levels for pet owners. If the bees feel your persistence is for him, they will release your dog. But the bees in the groups still require you to complete the puzzle if you want to save the pet. Pass the rescue levels from the bees and complete the rescue of your pet dog.

Dog Rescue mod

Your pet dog is surrounded by bees and will be stung if you do not rescue it. The bees will not allow the dog to dare to approach the hive because it is your pet. You know the dog is in danger if attacked by bees, and so you must rescue him. The bees attack your dog and create puzzles if you want to save the dog. You must draw lines to prevent the bees from approaching your dog. However, the bee swarm will not let you keep quickly but must pass many levels. Download Dog Rescue mod to use the brushstrokes to overcome the puzzle of bees to rescue pet dogs.

How to Download & Install Dog Rescue MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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