Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design MOD APK 1.27.2700 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 09/04/2022 (2 years ago)
NameHawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design APK
PublisherG5 Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.3+
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Match-3 has always been a game genre that has never cooled down because of its simple gameplay and interesting details. And until now, Match-3 games are still being released. Undeniably all of them still achieved great success. Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design is one of the very successful Match-3 games in such a market. The game emphasizes concentration and sharp eyes to solve problems. After that, building and redesigning old structures with the talent of jigsaw puzzles. Currently, there are many positive reviews as well as praise about this game.

Surely no one here is ignorant of Match-3 games. Specifically, you will have to solve puzzles by placing the same things in a row to collect them all in a large area that includes many different objects. Specifically, in Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design, there are models with different colors and shapes. The task of each level is to collect an object to repair part of the buildings.

Hawaii Match 3 Mania mod

Download Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design mod – Restore villas and landscapes with wisdom

After a long time, the young Katie Lockwood has finally returned to her family’s tropical island mansion. Time has made the villa damaged and severely damaged. Now what she needs to do with the craftsman accompanying her is to repair everything in the house. Completely refresh the villa so that it can be made new again as it was in the past. So how are we going to do it? That is dealing with Match-3 puzzles that will appear continuously in the game. Reach the highest achievements to unlock many new items and furniture for the mansion.

The first level will be elementary. Just move the items so that they create a row. If you collect enough, you are considered to have completed the level. After that, you will receive time to repair the object and redecorate it to your liking. The number of levels can be up to hundreds, thousands, and increasing difficulty. At some point, the repair challenges will be much more difficult. Once reaching the high milestones, the villa and the surrounding landscape will be greatly improved.

Hawaii Match 3 Mania mod apk free

Form the epic combination

Each Match-3 level in the game is a unique challenge. Most of the mission is to collect items in a certain amount. But some special tasks require more manipulation. Your number of moves is also limited, so it is most effective to create faster cleanup combos. 4 rows to create boosters or 5 rows to make them the ultimate item. How to use them if you do not know, it will be a bit difficult to apply. When you can master them, using them will make you complete the level quickly. While only taking a small number of turns.

Hawaii Match 3 Mania mod apk

Unfold the story of family history

Passing many milestones will give you many times to restore the interior of the villa. You’ll find that every time you restore something, a story about Katie’s family is mentioned. Stories of family history from time immemorial. The origin of this mansion. They will be saved in the system to reread them whenever you feel like it. Many fascinating facts will gradually be revealed if you patiently play too many higher levels. Regain many memories as well as the golden age of the main character’s family.

Hawaii Match 3 Mania mod mod

Compare skills with everyone

You and your friends who love Match-3 games will have a great time together. Solve puzzles together to restore your own mansion. Support to find the right move to win. Then adventure outside with many other players around the world. Compete against each other by milestones and scores achieved. Even those participating in the world rankings can receive more special gifts. Who will be the Match-3 king and own the most splendid mansion in the world? That person can be you in the future if you practice hard.

Hawaii Match 3 Mania mod free

The popularity of Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design has proven that games of the same genre are still growing extremely strong. There is no decrease in their appeal or success. This is the clearest demonstration of the successful maintenance of a genre that has existed for a long time in the market. In the future, there will definitely be games like Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design mod. Continue to bring the Match-3 element into more attractive and vivid environments.

Download Hawaii Match-3 Mania Home Design MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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