Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK (Unlimited money, boosters) 1.10.18

Updated 23/03/2022 (2 years ago)
NameDisney Wonderful Worlds APK
PublisherLudia Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, boosters
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK detail?
  • Money increases on spending
  • Boosters don’t decrease

Introduce MOD APK Disney Wonderful Worlds

Each has cartoon characters associated with memories of the beautiful and cheerful. Now you can fully relive these beautiful memories with Disney Wonderful Worlds. Adventure with the best friends of the Disney world. Join them to solve the most challenging puzzles and complete challenges. Witness magic spells that can make dreams come true. Let this vast land develop according to what you desire.

Disney Wonderful Worlds is a product created in collaboration with Disney and Ludia. It’s best suited for teenage players who are learning about life. The images in the game are no different from those in the cartoons. Create a sense of familiarity and fun while experiencing the activities. The match-3 game mechanics will be extremely challenging to overcome. Training your mind every day is also the most exciting trip.

Disney Wonderful Worlds mod

Download Disney Wonderful Worlds mod – Explore the magical world of Disney

The world of cartoon characters is becoming more and more degraded over time. Here, only you can solve this on your own. Take on puzzle challenges to earn materials and rebuild buildings. The game rules are straightforward, and you need to line up the gems vertically or horizontally. They will then automatically break, and you can get loot from there. Complete the goal that the game screen sets to be able to win. Note that your moves are limited. Please do not use it wastefully, or you will have to receive a bad ending.

Disney Wonderful Worlds mod free

Collect all the characters

Coming to Disney Wonderful Worlds, you will have the opportunity to meet all the characters of Disney. Get them all as bonus cards. The cards that you collect will be added to the collection and can be viewed at any time. Each character will be in charge of a particular construction in this world, and you need to help them complete their work to unlock the wild card. The number of levels required for each character will be different. Once you’ve done all of that, you’ll get the privilege of unlocking the following new characters. How many cards can you find in your ability?

Redecorate everything

In this world, each character has a separate residence to manage under their authority. You will come here and start the work of changing their design. At first, everything looks quite old and broken in many different parts, making it not very beautiful. But after you have won the level, everything changes. You can customize this place to become your favorite role model in the options given. Bring everything back to life with new looks. Turn a gloomy castle into a place more magnificent and magnificent than in the story. Bring new life to amusement parks or magical gardens.

Disney Wonderful Worlds mod apk

Use help

Each level that you participate in has its difficulty that requires not to be subjective. But if you accidentally fall into difficult situations, there will still be solutions. That is to use the right to help to open a new path for yourself. When you can’t continue because you feel too disadvantaged, choose one of the three help options. The first is a dart that can help you destroy any cluster of gems. Next is the Christmas candy bar that can ruin the gem tiles in the shape of a plus sign. Finally, Mickey’s magic hand quickly causes terrible destruction to erase many gems at once.

Disney Wonderful Worlds mod android

Join events

The most exciting thing when you play Disney Wonderful Worlds is the events that are held regularly. When these special events take place, they can change the style of all buildings. Gives you a chance to participate in limited-time mini-games. Thereby, you can search for valuable trophies for yourself. Help your promotion process be pushed up faster than ever.

Most importantly, anyone will feel the double pleasure of participating. A pretty intelligent method from the developer to thank all his players. Don’t miss out on anything that might happen.

Disney Wonderful Worlds mod will give you the privilege of building your fairy tale world. Own all cartoon characters from classic to modern.

How to Download & Install Disney Wonderful Worlds MOD APK (Unlimited money, boosters) for Android


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