Disney POP TOWN MOD APK (Unlimited Skills, Costumes) 1.4.8

Updated 26/04/2024 (4 weeks ago)
PublisherJam City, Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Skills, Costumes
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Disney POP TOWN MOD APK detail?

Skill is available at stage start. After first Activation, you can unlimited use the skill of your Costume

Introduce MOD APK Disney POP TOWN

Disney cartoons always make our childhood bright. And now you can ultimately return to that beautiful childhood with Disney POP TOWN. A town was full of characters that were once very familiar in your eyes. Join them to complete tough intellectual challenges to prove their abilities. Adventure and discover the most amazing things you’ve ever witnessed. Create memorable and enjoyable experiences wherever you are.

If you do not know, Disney POP TOWN is cooperated and built by Jam City, Inc., based on the Disney world. Everything in this game has an appearance from the animated movies. Moreover, the images of the game have a bright color. Cute cartoon style best suited for young adults. Creating highly entertaining challenges doesn’t have much competition in them. Having fun while exercising is the best method.

Disney POP TOWN mod

Download Disney POP TOWN mod – Adventure in the colorful world

Coming to a beautiful and fun-filled town, you won’t be bored. But this place seems a bit sketchy, and you need to do something to make it more advanced. There is a straightforward way that is to join the journey of those sentences. These puzzles will be done in match-3 format with many different themes. You need to break the required number of items to be able to pass it. Line up the same symbols in vertical or horizontal rows to destroy them. But you will not be able to play indiscriminately and lose control. Each level only has a certain number of moves provided.

Disney POP TOWN mod free

Refresh the works

Disney POP TOWN is divided into many different areas for you to explore slowly. You will start with the place where you live, which are Mickey Mouse-themed buildings. When you have enough money to renew each house, you can choose one of three styles to your liking. The supermarket, the fountain, the park, and all the surrounding structures need to be renewed. The cool thing is that you can choose wherever you want to upgrade. After completing the reconstruction of your city, you will be able to go to the following places. Make a forgotten home more beautiful and famous than ever.

Collect costumes

You have the right to customize the appearance of your main character to become more unique. Skin color, face, eyes, nose, and gender can all be transformed quickly. From Pooh bear, Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, … are all beautifully designed costumes. Each of these skins gives you a particular source of strength to conquer the challenge, depending on the options that suit your wishes to create your advantages. Unlock the outfits you like for even more fun. There are a few extremely rare costumes that may appear in this game. Be quick to hunt for it to add to your colorful collection.

Disney POP TOWN mod apk

Cool topics

Have you seen the Toy Story non-animated series? If you’ve seen it already, you’ll have a big surprise. That is, there is a large park made according to this theme. This place has characters like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, who will all be standing there waiting for you to come. Not only that but there are themes like the market or Aladdin’s castle and the magic lamp. There is even the frozen kingdom of Queen Elsa and her friends. Each place has challenges that are customized to what you see. Make these places even better to bring them to the pinnacle of perfection. That’s also how you restore your childhood memories.

Disney POP TOWN mod android

Take advantage of the help.

It seems that some of those sentences will cause you specific difficulties during the game. Then let’s overcome this problem by using aids. These aids will include rockets and chisels located below your preferences. Missiles can destroy multiple item boxes at the same time in the shape of a plus sign. Quite valuable for cases where you want to make a significant breakthrough. The chisels will have a more negligible effect because they only destroy the one tile you want. Either will be helpful, depending on what you need to use it for. But do not rely too much on these because they are limited.

Coming to Disney POP TOWN, we will feel like we are returning to our childhood. The more complicated the challenges, the more agile and intelligent we are. Enjoy the magic it will bring every day.

How to Download & Install Disney POP TOWN MOD APK (Unlimited Skills, Costumes) for Android


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