Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK 12.0.0 (Unlimited Snowball, moves)

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NameDisney Frozen Free Fall APK
PublisherJam City, Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Snowball, moves
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Surely when seeing the name Frozen, most people will immediately think of the famous Disney animated film. Many people have loved it because the characters in the movie are excellent. Leaving countless impressions for those who have seen this movie. Following that line of events, there is a game that will help you get along with Frozen. The game is called Disney Frozen Free Fall, which brings you a frozen winter.

Welcome to the frozen world of Disney Frozen Free Fall. The place is filled with large blocks of ice and snow, and the temperature is always lowered by the cold winter. The air is overcast, but the gameplay is extremely impressive. Reheat the player’s emotions with Elsa, Anna… This place will bring you many surprises with excitement when you see your favorite character watching you play. Bring the novelty of space in every gate you explore.

Disney Frozen Free Fall mod

Download Disney Frozen Free Fall mod – Get ready for an exciting adventure

Disney Frozen Free Fall will give players a lot of advantages to be able to win the levels. You need to watch and be careful with your moves because it is key to changing the whole game. You will need to meet the conditions set out in the game to complete the levels. If you persist in overcoming the most difficult levels, a glorious victory will be for you. Enjoy a Frozen movie in a different version when you are the one who will participate here.

The gameplay of Disney Frozen Free Fall will be very familiar to all players. That is an elementary match-3 puzzle, easy to adapt. The gameplay is not difficult because almost everyone has played through this genre. Instead of monotonous shapes, you will see colorful, diverse ice blocks. Try to put together as many of the same shapes to create gorgeous combos. There is nothing too difficult for you to get used to the Disney Frozen Free Fall game.

Disney Frozen Free Fall mod free

Beautiful character team

The Disney Frozen Free Fall game is inspired by the animated movie Frozen. Therefore there is no shortage of key players. Typical examples can be mentioned as Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf… The simulated characters are not too different when in the movie. Everyone is excellently beautiful. This is the point that attracts players when they come to this game. In addition, the characters can interact with you through the game screen. The action instructs the player some hints in the game. Unlock more characters to join them in your map-3 puzzle game.


Captivating story

Inspired by the movie Frozen, of course, its main plot will be here. The successive stages on your journey are also the progress of the Frozen story. The player is guided by the character to follow his journey. When you go to a new land, the role of that person will follow you. Each character will have different skills to help you pass the levels. This is the feeling that players will be immersed in every happening in Frozen.

Disney Frozen Free Fall mod apk free

The steps of the journey

There are more than 4000 levels for players to conquer. Levels from easy to difficult to make the adventure more interesting. The characters from Frozen accompany you on this long journey. Go through many levels with different goals to win. Not only is there a way for players to experience, but there are also many new maps for you to explore. In addition, there will be a few small events held in the game. Complete the levels to collect items, win many other attractive gifts.

The magnificent Arendelle Kingdom

Another interesting thing when players experience Disney Frozen Free Fall is building the Kingdom of Arendelle by themselves. When you reach a certain level in your journey, you will be unlocked, allowing you to build all this kingdom. Become the ruler of your country. The support missions here will help players build better. Add some of the rewards when you complete a series of quests. Create a plan to rule the Kingdom of Arendelle and decorate it to make it beautiful, full of warmth.

Disney Frozen Free Fall mod apk

Above are a few things that you will see when playing the Disney Frozen Free Fall mod game. The game shows you an inherently cold place like the name Frozen but without losing its warmth. Meet the cute characters like stepping out of the movie with the shape from baby to adult. Build and decorate to make the Kingdom of Arendelle a great place for its people. Come to find many interesting things that you will know when participating in Disney Frozen Free Fall mod.

Download Disney Frozen Free Fall MOD APK (Unlimited Snowball, moves) for Android

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