Adventure Chef MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.91

Updated 04/09/2022 (2 years ago)
NameAdventure Chef APK
PublisherEpisode Interactive
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Adventure Chef MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Gold
2. Unlimited Diamonds
3. Harvest Now & Speed Up will increase diamond

Introduce MOD APK Adventure Chef

Adventure Chef is about the journey of discovering food and pursuing a passion for the chef with Izy. This girl always gives her full attention in every kitchen. However, Izy had to experience resentment when her favorite recipe was stolen. To prevent ProfitCo Group’s appropriation scheme, Izy chose an entirely new path. It’s about setting up a food truck empire. But to be successful, Izy needs fresh ingredients, recipes, and support associates. You also participate in this campaign. Go on a mission to save the farm with Izy and make your food truck dreams come true.

Although there are many cooking games, Adventure Chef will not make you bored because you not only cook with the same tedious process that repeats every day but also discover unique lands. After each completed mission, other worlds will be opened with many surprises. Take advantage of what you find and develop the largest, most excellent food empire together. Plus, combining a cooking game and a merge game is well worth a try.

Download Adventure Chef mod – Entering the kitchen is easy

Even if you are not good at cooking, Adventure Chef cannot make it difficult for you. The process here is also straightforward: finding ingredients, processing and serving customers. The trucks will accompany you on every road. To keep working non-stop, you need to accumulate energy. Energy can be exchanged for gems or as gifts at the store. Please pay attention to saving energy from the beginning because you will need them for complex tasks later. Collect coins and experience to level up faster. At the same time, it also helps you unlock new materials and tools.

Adventure Chef Merge Explorer mod

Explore mystical regions

Adventure Chef has dozens of mysterious lands waiting for you to explore. Not the supermarket or the big store, this game allows you to find ingredients from the wild nature. It can be a volcano, a desert, a jungle or a swamp… depending on your efforts. The more missions completed, the more unique worlds are opened. Through each journey, you will indeed have many memorable experiences and lessons. You get vegetables, but you also make friends with like-minded people from your travels. Talk to them and convince them to join your team. With synergies to help, the trucking empire’s business will grow.

Adventure Chef Merge Explorer apk

Gather materials

Each land will open a particular material store. Fill your car with mountains of food found here. When collected, they are only single components. Your task is to bring back the farm and merge them to create ingredients for dishes. For example, combining seed bags will produce small trees, from small trees will form large trees with sweet fruit. The quality, clean food you find yourself in will create an attractive dish.

Adventure Chef Merge Explorer apk mod

Build a food empire

Izy and her companions have created many delicious recipes to beat ProfitCo. Answering questions also helps you create new recipes. Therefore, right after harvesting from the farm, bring the ingredients to the processing area to serve diners the hottest meals. Attention, it is necessary to properly execute the customer’s order so that they are satisfied and support us. Try to complete as many missions as possible to diversify the food trucks, from bread carts and soup trucks to other delicious treats. Develop more and more vehicles to help the empire become stronger. Do not forget to train the maintenance specialists to turn old trucks into ideal places for business.

Adventure Chef Merge Explorer android

Relax and learn the side stories

Although there are many tasks, take some time to chat and relax. It’s also a good idea to explore Granny Rosa’s past. What’s so special about this place that ProfitCo must pay attention to? What secrets might be hidden behind this farm? How can we find and unlock more materials, tools, and new lands? Think cleverly and maximize the support of the on-screen instructions to find the answer for you.

Adventure Chef Merge Explorer apk free

Creative business. Multi-talented young people. It can be said that Adventure Chef is more than a cooking game. Role-playing and accompanying chef Izy will give you a lot of things. You can both discover the rich nature and learn more exciting recipes. Izy’s journey to confront ProfitCO will surely inspire your passion and aspiration. Download Adventure Chef mod and build a powerful food empire.

How to Download & Install Adventure Chef MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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