Dino Clash MOD APK 1.10.1 (Menu, Attack/Defense Multiplier)

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NameDino Clash APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Attack/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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MOD Infomation

1. Attack Multiplier
2. Defense Multiplier
3. No Skill Cooldown
4. Unlocked VIP ( Although it seems like not unlocked from Shop, but you’ll be able to notice the effect eventually )

Since this game requires internet connection, so there’s always a risk, especially in Arena mode.

Addictive Dino Clash with army motif combined with classic strategy. The classical primordial setting unfolds with mighty tribes. Players meet the most powerful primitive animals and tribes of this period. Gather them into an army to fight another army. Easily become the ruler of land and bring mighty days to your tribe. The dinosaurs are fierce, bloodthirsty but still have to listen to your words. Make smart tactics, think carefully about the places where you are going to fight. There must be clear observations, calculations, and preparations before entering the battle.

The battle area is divided into two parts; one part is where you arrange your army. The rest is the opponent’s location. At the beginning, the player chooses groups of troops of different styles. Place these groups of pieces in the corresponding positions on the squares like a chessboard. Depending on the intention of the fighting or defense style, reach the army in the right position. For example, you can place a shielded army in front if you want to go defensive. The group of heroes and dinosaurs of the attack stand in the back. Can observe the enemy’s formation to make more accurate and reasonable plans.

Dino Clash android

Download Dino Clash – Accurate tactics to win the ancient primeval army

The setting is taken in primitive times but also has many interesting locations. For example, the cliff area is full of red cliffs. Or, like a football field, teams fight each other. Start with only three heroes with bare hands rushing into battle with three heroes of the enemy team. After winning, the number of enemies keeps increasing, and so does your hero count. Later, players can unlock heroes with different skills such as archers, mage, and defense, … The position of the player placing the army also needs to be taken care of. Because after confirming the position, the army automatically rushes into battle. The group that goes first will fight the other group first.

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Dinosaur farming

Up to a certain level of Dino Clash, players can collect dinosaur eggs. Hatch them and release them into the forest area you set aside as a shelter for the dinosaurs. This area is surrounded by a high volcanic mountain range. There is a small tent where the player lives, and in the middle is a campfire. After collecting dinosaurs, players can start sending them into battle. The tyrannosaurs are cruel and bloodthirsty. The giant long-necked dinosaurs were able to attack from a distance. The dinosaurs flew in the vast sky. It is possible to bring them forward to attack the opponent pre-emptively.


Dino Clash apk

Diverse army

To have a perfect team, players need to gather a lot of different heroes. Each hero when unlocked, the player will get three people in the same party. Possibly Axemen with the simple attack of a stone ax. Bowmen archer with a garlic bun on his head. Or the catapult called Catapult is both classic and modern. Big Rats, like the name, have huge size and teeth. Elderly magicians with white beards and hair, holding white staffs. The mysterious blue masked ninjas, holding two swords in both hands, fight their opponents. There are also simple machines to shoot giant stones.

Dino Clash mod apk

Line up

Dino Clash is a strategy game with many different game modes. But the main mode is still direct combat between the two armies. With the same number of characters in the army, the arrangements will be different. Players can track the enemy’s arrangement in front. Based on that, put each group, each group of your people in. For example, if the enemy front is divided into two battle groups, each group has three people. Players can choose to combine your two groups of heroes into one square position. Then when fighting, your party will meet their group of 3 first. Just taking turns taking strong and weak enemies can destroy both groups.

Dino Clash mod

In addition to the ability to arrange smart squads, players can rely on support cards to increase the possibility of victory. Dino Clash is very generous when it comes to creating a lot of different cards. They are randomly sorted into gift chests when the player wins. There are rare tickets like the x10 summon ticket or the x10 Gold ticket and countless other beneficial tickets. With a collection of more than 17 different types of dinosaurs. Along with an army of 34 special primitive warrior types. And more than 500 battle levels will make you overwhelmed with Dino Clash mod.

Download Dino Clash MOD APK (Menu, Attack/Defense Multiplier) for Android

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