Devil’s Attorney MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.8

Updated 13/01/2024 (3 months ago)
NameDevil’s Attorney APK
PublisherSenri Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Devil’s Attorney

Devil’s Attorney MOD APK is where you will participate in trials when you become a lawyer. You will launch a strategy game set in the past 80s. He is a lawyer with a charming appearance, but his dignity is questionable. He is willing to do everything to win lawsuits to make money to renovate the house. Even if those are requests to help criminals escape crimes, he still finds a way to do them. So, you will experience the feeling of trial from a new perspective. Ready to play the role of a lawyer defending the defendants with the sole purpose of making money?

What would you think if a lawyer did not care about right or wrong when participating in lawsuits? He even helps dangerous criminals get away with it as long as they are paid a lot. Does that make you feel angry and unfair towards innocent people? And you will directly feel this when playing the role of an attractive and bright-looking lawyer. But contrary to that, he always finds ways to profit from his clients. So you have to find a way to get them to win their cases and get acquitted when they leave court. Start your quest to become a lawyer and earn money from clients seeking defence services.

Devils Attorney mod

Download Devil’s Attorney MOD APK – Become a lawyer participating in different cases

You will aim to help your clients escape their crimes in court. These people are involved in legal trouble and need a talented lawyer to defend them. Therefore, they will use any price to pay you, so you need to find a way to help them become innocent. Then you can refurbish the old house with new accessories with the money you earn. But that will make you lose your humanity and ability to protect the law. And if you are a person who respects the law, you cannot do that easily. Ignore your self-respect and your best friend’s humanity to become a lawyer who works for good.

Devils Attorney apk

Participate in court hearings

Your mission in court is to help your client completely win the case. They may be innocent people caught up in legal trouble because of trivial evidence. Or it would be customers who committed crimes but wanted to use the money to escape the crime. And you will then become a tool to help them find evidence that will help them become acquitted. Therefore, when you become a lawyer, you must go against professional ethics when participating in court proceedings. Those will be the most confusing cases you can participate in and experience. Become a lawyer and participate in trials that defy the law in Devil’s Attorney MOD APK.

Devils Attorney mod apk

Confronting prosecutors

You will become a lawyer who works for clients solely to make money. That’s when you live in an old house deep in town that needs repair. Therefore, regardless of the law or right or wrong, you will find a way to help your client win the case. But facing you are talented prosecutors, and they are the opponents you need to overcome. There will be 9 prosecutors with different characteristics, and they will try to present evidence. And you need to refute the evidence with your arguments to win every case. Show off your defence skills when confronting the prosecutor’s evidence of guilt.

Devils Attorney free

Conquer challenges in court

You need to refute the evidence to help your client escape crime or win a lawsuit. They are evidence and details obtained by your opposing prosecutors. And they will oppose you in challenges to make the criminal suffer a sentence. Therefore, you must try to make arguments to help the client escape prison. There will be 3 settings with different difficulty levels to experience and prove your talent. You can actively choose or experience them after conquering previous challenges. Help your client refute the prosecutor’s inferences and officially get away with the crime.

Devils Attorney android

You will participate in lawsuits and will become an advocate for clients. They belong to many different classes and look forward to the talent of a lawyer like you. And your goal, then is to help them come up with arguments to refute the prosecutor’s opinion. Those are the people who represent the law and will use justice to find criminals. But you don’t care about that and just want to make money for your use. So, it would be best if you devised strategies to argue in turn and win over the prosecutor. Download Devil’s Attorney MOD APK to help your client win the case with your defence skills.

How to Download & Install Devil’s Attorney MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android


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