Yupi MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Double Score/Frozen Enemy) 2.1.1

Updated 15/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameYupi APK
PublisherNetdreams - REGOB EIRL
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Double Score/Frozen Enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Yupi

Perhaps we have been too familiar with the classic Mario entertainment game for a while, right? The journey to rescue the princess and many hardships and challenges await. Perhaps it is ingrained in our childhood memories. Suppose you want to find a similar game with a different style and gameplay. Don’t overthink but download Yupi right away. Built with relatively modern graphics and sound, but still retains its uniqueness. Here you will not have to save the princess kidnapped by monsters alone. Instead, rescue the entire Milky Way, which is threatened by a flaw in the research.

Coming to the simulation world of Yupi, you will experience a difficult journey. The errors in the research caused a vast and severe disaster. Dangers are lurking and waiting to devour our planet. If we don’t act quickly, the entire human race will perish, spreading to the galaxy. We cannot close our eyes, but we must prevent it as soon as possible. But saving the earth still requires effort and your fighting skills. This journey will be only for you, can you do it?
Yupi mod

Download Yupi MOD – Aliens’ journey to save the galaxy

One day, Neutrinos were tested by human scientists. They are microscopic sterile particles that can contain dark matter. They can discover more great secrets hidden in the vast universe. But unfortunately, an accident caused the explosion, and the Neutrinos were scattered all over the world. A living being received news from a highly alien planet and immediately arrived. His name is Yupi, and his goal is to help humanity solve this problem. Strange creatures from a vast galaxy were attracted to the energy from the explosion. Perhaps he must fight alone in this arduous journey.
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Try to stay alive and collect gold coins

Your Yupi character will have a bar of 5 hearts on the left side of the screen. They will represent your health for a specific time value. Every time you collide with enemies, your heart will gradually drop continuously. If the number of seats reaches 0, you have failed and have to fight again from the beginning. So remember to minimize the number of collisions with the enemy with all your ability. But do not forget that there will be different ways for you to heal and extend your life.
Yupi mod apk

In saving the galaxy, hearts are not the only thing you need to care about. Star-shaped gold coins are also an essential element in this game. Thanks to the coins, you can buy different outfits or boosters. They will help you a lot in the world tournament. But do not pay too much attention to the money that has to change your life. You will regret it a lot.

Enemies and meteors are waiting to attack you

As mentioned, the hostile forces will be a great challenge for you. They will not let you complete the process of saving the earth quickly. Monsters called Bombyx are dangerous creatures that can drain your energy. But if you jump on top of them, they will be destroyed. On the other hand, if you accidentally touch it, you will lose half of your heart. They are brilliant and can suddenly change their trajectory when you jump on them. In addition, meteorites will also continuously fall and attack you. They will repel you if you collide with them and cause many obstacles.
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The gameplay is simple but full of attraction.

This game does not require you to have a significant strategic thinking mind as long as you dodge the enemies and go to the end of the journey. You will control the characters through the buttons on the screen. Your job is simply to escape and run, dodge and run. But with colorful 2D graphics, engaging fun sounds, and typical familiar gameplay. Yupi promises to give you a lot of new challenges and attract different players.
Yupi apk free

Join a strange new world of the guy Yupi and the new journey. The game’s attraction comes from the simple but adorable images that will surely make you fall in love. Is there anything else that makes you consider when downloading the Yupi mod? Download it right here.

How to Download & Install Yupi MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Double Score/Frozen Enemy) for Android


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