Destination: Dragons! MOD APK 1.6.3 (Unlimited money)

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NameDestination: Dragons! APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Spend as you want and your currency never decrease.

Want the monsters to listen to us? Come to the vast kingdom of Destination: Dragons! This will be where you can find creatures only in fairy tales. There are many surprises yet to be discovered about their tremendous power. Nothing can stop these beasts in ground-shaking confrontations. You will be the most professional monster trainer ever born. They will have to obey orders given by their master. Make full use of the extraordinary abilities they have with ease.

This game is created in a role-playing style with a fighting style, if you do not know. Still, the method of two characters fighting until one side falls. Moreover, you can also admire the series of 2D pixel classic images that are pretty old. But old does not mean it will make us bored. You can still see how to add elements to the game to become more professional and modern. Bringing new colors to a journey only imagined. Play and work with the developer to perfect your work.

Destination Dragons mod

Download Destination: Dragons! mod – Create the strongest monster squad

We are the ones who see potential from monsters that know only cruelty. Bring them into the great arenas and show the world their ultimate power. The control of nightmares is not too difficult if you understand the operation mechanism. There are two types of attacks: regular attacks or using special skills. Basic attacks will not consume anything and deal damage to the opponent. Special skills will use energy and can create significant effects. Using skills combined with basic attacks will help you deal effective damage as long as we can destroy the opponent first and get the victory.

Monster Collection

Various types of monsters were born and raised in different environmental conditions. This will give them some unique properties you’ve never seen before. Examples include fire-breathing, ice-breathing, muscular strength, or strong bite power. Monsters can also counter each other thanks to their abilities. You can classify the fighting power of monsters based on the basic stats they have. Those include the attack, defense, and HP a monster has. The strongest monster can be chosen as the vanguard to fight in duels. You will get glory with the superior power of the enemy.

Destination Dragons mod free

Follow the plot

Destination: Dragons! There’s a whole legend of monster summoners built up. They were rare talents trained for the monster tournaments held. These wars will show their honor as well as their potential. The main character and his friends will complete the necessary purpose. They constantly seek great power from unique creatures to develop their abilities. Dive into essential rounds to meet many strong opponents. Win and draw valuable experiences for your future journey. Whether they can succeed or not depends on the effort, you have.

Destination Dragons mod apk

Defeat other players

Unlike AI battles, PvP battles often have their charm. You will be playing against opponents with equal or even more extraordinary talent than yourself. New strategies along with mighty monsters. We will need to use all our knowledge to win. It was impossible to despise the strength of the people standing in front of him. Win to get fame points and accumulate a lot. The higher your reputation score, the higher your position on the leaderboard. From there, you can prove your efforts and the results of hard work.

Destination Dragons mod android

Unique map

The maps will give you exciting quests to complete and receive rewards. It creates fascinating journeys for us to develop ourselves. Your monsters will need to fend off countless enemies from lands beyond the realm. Very difficult but well worth conquering ideally. Fly with your monsters over vast savannas, rocky plateaus, or deep caves. Bring back treasures of great value with friends from those places. Nothing can shake the steadfastness you have. Only hard work can be recognized with Destination: Dragons! mods.

Download Destination: Dragons! MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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