DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK (Unlimited money, ammo) 2.1.6

Updated 29/05/2024 (4 weeks ago)
PublisherMADFINGER Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, ammo
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
  • V1: Unlimited ammo
  • V2: Unlimited money


Are you ready for the most terrible battle of your life? If you are fully prepared, come to the deadly world of DEAD TRIGGER. You will be a brave hero with professional gun skills. Kill the craziest zombies with precise shots. Complete all the assigned missions to protect the hope of reviving the world. This is not the end of this beautiful world.

DEAD TRIGGER is a game that has brought great success to the developer MADFINGER Games. Since its launch, the number of downloads has reached tens of millions from all over the world. High-quality 3D graphics are what attract players the most. Along with that is the care and meticulousness of the design team with sharp details. The interface and service system are developed smartly and diversely.


Download DEAD TRIGGER mod – Fight and protect humanity from disaster

Since the incident of the mutant virus escaping from the lab, the world has been in chaos. The world’s population has been transformed almost entirely into bloodthirsty zombies. They have only one mission, which is to attack and infect. But things are not entirely over because there are survivors. Together they will stand up and begin the fight to protect the last stronghold of humanity. You are one of their best. Do whatever you can to complete the assigned tasks. Kill all the zombies who dare to stop your work.

In the process of fighting, we can apply a few convenient tips. Which shooting in the head of the zombie is recommended because it can increase the damage caused. Help you quickly destroy them and save your time. It takes a lot of practice to get used to and make good use of this exciting mechanism.

Huge arsenal

DEAD TRIGGER gives you a pretty wide selection of weapons that can be used. The popular pistols present are the Colt 1911, the WALTHER P99, and also the alien gun. Rifles will include Colt M4, AK-47, and other prevalent handguns. In addition, we will have shotguns with a few representatives like RMGT 870 or Winchester. The submachine gun is also highly prominent with two names, Uzi and Scope. There is also a terrible melee weapon that is the chainsaw. You can easily crush the undead on your way. What are you waiting for without spending money to buy yourself a good gun?


Moving around the city

Your tasks are divided into many places in the vast city. You will gradually go from the outside into classes with a higher level of danger. Outside, there are only slow and inflexible zombies living. You will easily be able to wipe them out and complete the mission. As you progress further, there will be facilities containing mutant zombies. They will be faster, stronger, and much more numerous. You will have to adapt and overcome difficulties day by day slowly. Become faster and stronger by owning more powerful guns for yourself. Discover never-before-seen information.

Enhancement items

If you find the level too tricky, you can get more help from enhancement items. The first item will be to increase the damage of your gun. It will give you an enhanced amount of damage during the game. The second item is a specialized first aid kit for medical staff. It will help you recover HP quickly after taking too much damage. The third item is an in-game money-collecting booster. The fourth item is a slowing time clock that can help you freeze time to kill zombies quickly. Finally, the balloon can make the zombie’s head big and easy to hit.


Beware of tycoons

Zombie Santa Claus with the ability to throw gifts and summon elves. In addition to the usual zombies, they also have some individuals with special powers. We will have Hulk Zombie with extremely thick skin and resistance to a lot of damage. Police zombies with the ability to use batons to create quite painful blows. There are plenty of other guys who can be a high-level threat to confront. Care must be taken so as not to receive disadvantages in combat. Find weaknesses in movement and take advantage of openings to attack. Together with the DEAD TRIGGER mod, bring the world back to its peaceful state.

How to Download & Install DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK (Unlimited money, ammo) for Android


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