Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK 5.4.0012 (Menu, Wallhack/FOV)

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NameDead by Daylight Mobile APK
PublisherBehaviour Interactive
MOD FeaturesMenu, Wallhack/FOV
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Hunted and cornered, can only be the victims of Dead by Daylight Mobile. They will have to survive and find a way to escape death, waiting to swallow them alive. The killer is walking step by step and searching for his unfortunate prey. The players themselves choose the ending. No one was able to stop the terror that was coming so quickly. So do your part well, and you will get what you deserve. Prepare for the scariest horror movie of your life today.

Dead by Daylight is one of the horror games adapted from the best-selling movies. Scary details and cinematography are recreated on the PC and game console platforms. But now it has been brought to the touch device with everything. Players can experience their favorite activities anywhere. Graphics are the best optimized for smooth movements. Play and feel the fear embedded in the sound. Will you be able to continue completing your challenges?

Dead by Daylight Mobile mod

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile mod – Escape from a dangerous killer

Dead by Daylight Mobile will allow players to choose between two roles. The first is a hunter with a weapon whose job is to chase his prey. The second role will be escapees with the sole purpose of escaping the killer’s pursuit. The two sides will perform their respective functions in a large area and can interact with things around them to help with necessary actions. The hunter wins when he catches a certain number of players. With the victims running away, whoever survives and completes the mission succeeds. Choose your role and start the terrifying hunt now.

Take advantage of everything

As a survivor, you need to complete a few tasks to keep yourself alive. The first is to activate the generators around the escape area. These generators have the effect of illuminating enemies in a wide range. Makes it easy to spot when they’re moving through that area. The more players, the faster the generator repair will be. To encourage everyone to cooperate to create many advantages. For example, some items heal, increase running speed or, above all, reduce fatigue. Things on the road will have effects in times of danger.

Dead by Daylight Mobile mod free

Hunting for prey

In the role of a murderer, the player has the advantage of having superior running speed. The killer’s weapon makes it easier for him to take down his prey and trap them. The killer also enjoys another benefit: tracking the prey’s footsteps. When fugitives pass by, they will leave dark or faint footprints, depending on the time. You can take advantage of this to pursue any target you need. Destroy the generators to put the enemy at a more significant disadvantage. The most important thing is to prevent them from being able to repair those machines again. When all four people are captured, the game will end.

Dead by Daylight Mobile mod apk

Many choices

Players in both roles will have the option to choose exactly what they want. The side of the escapees will have a lot of characters with unique abilities. Someone can erase footprints, speed up healing, increase running speed, or make quick repairs. On the hunter side, there were also bloodthirsty monsters with tremendous power. They can run fast, wreak havoc, or deal more damage over time. Each killer will have a way to finish off their unique prey. You can collect all you want to create a good hunt. Control your chosen ones most effectively.

Dead by Daylight Mobile mod android

Deep Progression System

When you choose to find a match, the system will generate a random map for the players to enter. Each map will have its unique terrain and distribution of items. The hiding places and traps will be provided in a very diverse way. Players also have special customization privileges for their characters. Help the playing experience to be optimized in the most advanced form. Updates will also be rolled out regularly to bring more new stuff. You can rest assured to play and enjoy the fun because the Dead by Daylight Mobile mod always welcomwelcomesone.

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile MOD APK (Menu, Wallhack/FOV) for Android

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