DC Legends MOD APK 1.27.17 (Menu/Attack, Defense Multiplier, No CD)

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NameDC Legends APK
PublisherWarner Bros. International Enterprises
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack, Defense Multiplier, No CD
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • V1: Menu/Attack, Defense Multiplier, No CD
  • V2: Menu/Attack, Defense Multiplier.

The DC universe has always brought us great stories about superheroes. Great people are created from brushstrokes and become symbols of justice. What if you could fight with them in endless wars? This will come true if you join DC Legends by downloading it. Join hundreds of DC’s unique superheroes to become great and powerful. Stop the dangers that are happening with your abilities.

Warner Bros. is a company specializing in producing and bringing superhero movies to the screen. But it seems that that has not brought the maximum value of these heroes to the public. So the game production department decided to develop and create DC Legends. This game has all the echoes of all the movies you’ve seen. Superheroes come to life with epic 3D graphics. Bringing fierce battles with dozens of top skills.

DC Legends mod free

Download DC Legends mod – Lead the legendary heroes of DC hùng

In this game, you will be in control of everything that happens. Lead a team of your superheroes to defeat the enemies out there. Not only that, but your team can also have villains join in. Anyone who has the ability to fight is effective for the team. Since this is a turn-based game, the rules will remain the same. Each side will take turns to attack and choose one person to attack. If any side is wiped out first, that side will lose, and the other side will win. Use superhero skills to attack more effectively. Can observe the situation and come up with good strategies.

Some heroes have the ability to heal or armor their allies. Consider adding them to the squad for even more advantages. This will be of great help to arenas where you don’t have many HP left to defend. Those who carry this kind of power are not weak at all, don’t take it lightly.

DC Legends mod download

DC Heroes Collection

We have seen the abilities of many superheroes both in the comics and in the movies. Now they are fully assembled in this game and fight for glory for themselves. On the hero side, we will have typical characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman,… And on the villain side, we have villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor,… They all own possess the same types of powers as you have witnessed. Each player brings their own special skills and creates certain effects in each match. Regardless of who they are and on which side, you can freely collect these characters.

DC Legends mod apk

Super interesting storyline

Most modern games have their own storylines. The lack of a plot will make it boring and lacks appeal to the public. DC Legends has built an extremely methodical story divided into levels. Each time you win, you will unlock a different part of the story. Fight until you unlock the full story of the legends of the people of this universe. You will witness fierce battles and find common enemies. Unlock hard mode to get much more valuable rewards. Don’t miss the great moments that DC Legends brings.

DC Legends mod apk free

Online fighting

You are trying to test your strength by competing with others. It’s simple, go into PvP mode and prepare your squad. The system will match you with opponents from all over the world. Because it is random, it can be weaker, equal, or stronger than you depending on luck. No matter who it is, everyone has to fight hard to get a chance to win. If you accept failure, do not be discouraged, it is just because you are not strong enough. Choose your strongest heroes to add to the squad. There are types of formations that can also effectively counter each other no matter how strong the enemy is.

DC Legends mod android

Upgrade for heroes

Your heroes not only have that much power, but they also do much more. Improve their power by upgrading in the character section. Every time they reach a higher level, their base stats will increase significantly. Not only that but their signature equipment can also be earned and upgraded. Help you maximize the power of heroes and villains in battle. What are you waiting for without downloading DC Legends mod to your device right away? Epic battles are waiting for you to participate and show your ability.

Download DC Legends MOD APK (Menu/Attack, Defense Multiplier, No CD) for Android

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