Dash Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Skills/High HP) 2.9.28

Updated 14/09/2022 (2 years ago)
NameDash Quest APK
PublisherTiny Titan Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Skills/High HP
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Dash Quest

The battle journey happens when the lives of you and your loved ones are disturbed by youkai. Sleep no longer feels comfortable, and fear is pervading this house. Right now, a change is needed. There must be someone who stands up, is fearless, and is ready to fight. That’s you, the main character in the game Dash Quest. Through many stages, the victory will belong to good, and evil will receive appropriate punishment.

With classic retro graphics combined with the RPG genre, the Dash Quest game takes you to a darker land than ever. However, the chibi character design is quite cute to make players more sympathetic. Your task will be to fight, block attacks from monsters. Each level is not too long, but the difficulty will be greatly increased. Winning rewards are also beautiful. Use the items you earn to upgrade your characters.

Dash Quest mod free android

Download Dash Quest mod – Endless adventure to become a hero

Players must defeat a series of small enemies before encountering a giant final boss. Unlike the other monsters, the final boss is always a big problem for many players. It would help if you were skillful in maneuvers such as swinging a sword, using skills, blocking attacks, and stunning enemies. Just make the most of it. You can understand the moves and movements of the final boss. Defeat successfully to pass the level, experience other lands. Don’t forget the daily challenges. If you want to get legendary badges, save your milestones.

Dash Quest for players to own 4 main types of equipment is armor, sword, magic ring, and hat. These items will help you increase your strength. Don’t underestimate boosters about boosting your mana. Without it, fighting would become more difficult. Earn more equipment with great damage and defense to easily pass the levels. Only when your level is increased and your equipment continues to be upgraded will you be able to destroy every monster you encounter. Actively overcome the stage, the player will increase the level and unlock more other objects. Take advantage of everything to make your character strong and hard to beat.

Dash Quest mod apk

Amazing skills

There are items that players wear to increase their strength, but adding skills in the game will create a more realistic combat feeling. A range of different skills for you to choose from, such as increased attack speed, increased damage, increased defense… Choose for yourself a suitable set of skills to make your character stronger. Every time you level up, you can increase your character’s fighting skills with points. The road is always lurking dangers, and monsters can rush to beat you at any time. Store skills appropriately in case anything can happen.

Dash Quest mod

Endless journey

Not only around each location, but the game will also take players to many different lands. Dungeons around, war breaks out now and then. And it depends on the game mode you choose. There is a huge world map in Dash Quest adventure mode, lots of secrets and hidden treasure chests. Or is the hero mode challenging because the monster’s movement speed, attack speed increases with increasing salary. Here, the player requires a reasonable strategy and gameplay. Use the most appropriate combat skills. Clear out the monsters that stand in your way to bring peace to the world.

Dash Quest mod free

Fun and entertaining minigames

If you feel that the battle is too difficult to fight, players can try participating in the small game battles that Dash Quest offers. Diverse challenges make you feel happier and more excited. Reach high scores to get rewards. Nothing too difficult. Consider this light entertainment. Or you can look for more animals to support your journey. Find an animal that you feel the most like, change the look of your pet. Thus, there is one more companion on the way to destroy monsters with you.

Dash Quest mod android

It can be said that the Dash Quest mod game is an action game, but it brings lightness with easy gameplay suitable for all ages. Classic graphics are simple but not boring. Bringing players a familiar feeling with old games. It is you who will be part of this journey. Fight with all kinds of monsters, using your skills. Unlock countless new achievements, become an invincible hero. Pick up your sword and shield now. Claim victory in Dash Quest mod!

How to Download & Install Dash Quest MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Skills/High HP) for Android


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