Dark Land Survival MOD APK (God mode) 1.0.15

Updated 18/03/2023 (1 year ago)
NameDark Land Survival APK
PublisherBig Cat Global
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dark Land Survival

You have joined the team of survival heroes to stand against the undead for the hope of the world. Gather an army to survive the zombie epidemic and fight the zombies in Dark Land Survival. You must join the battle for survival when the zombie pandemic has swept the world. The land that humanity controlled was now destroyed, and few people survived. The only creatures that can walk on the ground are lifeless zombies. And the human world, ly a few people are not infected by the zombie virus. However, the zombies will soon find you and fighting the zombies must be done.

Although there are few survivors, you have a better chance of survival than others. You are not affected by zombie viruses and keep your life from them. But with you, many people can survive the zombie epidemic. They and you are both lucky people, and the mission to find life is now yours. So you will join groups of survivors to fight for the future of human survival. A defence against zombies must be built to prevent them from advancing to destroy life. You are holding on to the hope of escaping the destructive zombies and fighting hard for survival.

Dark Land Survival android

Download Dark Land Survival mod – Fight to free people from the pandemic

The pandemic caused the world to lose faith in life when zombies appeared. They, in turn, destroy all the world’s buildings and then attack people. Few people can stop the brutality of the undead, and the earth gradually loses its vitality. Humans have also steadily lost hope of living when zombies appear more and more. However, the world still has hope for survival when you are lucky to find a way to survive. You will discover that many people can still stay under the sweep of the undead. Look for opportunities to form an anti-zombie squad to free people from zombies.

Dark Land Survival free

The land of death

The world gradually loses life when viruses constantly assimilate people into zombies. Those infected by the virus can’t control their bodies and are looking for life. They do not want to maintain the world’s hope but wish to extinguish the hope of human life. All human works are destroyed because the undead is hunting humans. The number of survivors also gradually decreased, but on the contrary, the number of zombies appeared more and more. So the human world slowly went towards extinction, but a miracle occurred. You will enlist humanity to fight for more people to find life before zombies.

Dark Land Survival apk

Survival hero

Virus survivors ignored their danger and stepped out to stop the undead. They want human life to continue in the world, becoming increasingly zombies. And the more people survive, the longer the human world’s hope of survival will be. So you need survival heroes to fight to prevent zombies from destroying the world. Areas that they have not searched will be places where there are likely to be survivors. So you need to join the team of survival heroes to find survivors before the zombies appear. Rescue people from the danger of being destroyed by zombies and become the survival hero of the world.

Dark Land Survival mod apk

Zombie defence

You have joined the team of survival heroes to stand against the undead for the hope of the world. They have faced zombies and know how to fight the undead. However, you cannot simultaneously destroy them; they will soon regroup. This makes stopping zombies difficult, and you need to build a defence. This will be the base for you and your survival team to prevent zombies from advancing. And defence missions will help you unlock survival skills to strengthen your team. Set up defensive barriers for your survival heroes to stop and destroy the undead.

Dark Land Survival mod

More zombies are appearing in the human world while humans are gradually weakening. Each person infected by the virus is a zombie force that becomes increasingly powerful. But the human world still has people who can avoid the zombie apocalypse. They are considered survival heroes of the world and will try to help humans survive. And you will have the opportunity to accompany them to create a defence against the attacking zombies. Your battle with the defence team is to protect humanity from future destruction. Download Dark Land Survival mod to find a way to survive in the era of zombies destroying the world.

How to Download & Install Dark Land Survival MOD APK (God mode) for Android


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