Wood Cutter MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Item) 0.5.5

Updated 18/05/2024 (1 month ago)
NameWood Cutter APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Item
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Wood Cutter

Wood Cutter MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Item) is a puzzle game with simple gameplay that is extremely attractive. Use the sharp saws provided to create objects with interesting shapes. High-powered chainsaws are brought into the game to perform their duties. The game’s challenges require you to give the most suitable answer. Your chainsaw is placed in front of a thin piece of wood. This wooden board has a faint line with many different shapes. The player needs to act on adjusting the saw to have the same shape as the shape on the board. Only then can your saw create the corresponding shape.

Suppose the player cannot shape the saw corresponding to the watermark on the wooden board. When performing a wood saw operation, the thickness of the board is too thick, and your saw blade may break. This means the player loses and has to start the game from the beginning. Each piece of wood that can be cut will transform into many different shapes. Some objects have nothing to do with the picture you just cut out. When the wooden board is cut, the player can collect gold coins and receive items. Players can feel the saw’s power through the exhaust pipe installed at the back. This exhaust, when not running, produces gray smoke clusters.

Wood Cutter apk

Download Wood Cutter APK mod – Use a chainsaw to cut wood panels and solve the game puzzle.

Players can follow in the right corner of the screen, where there is a board with round, opaque white dots. This is the area where you shape your chainsaw. On this board, there are red circles connected by a brown line. Each red dot corresponds to the decision points on the saw. Wherever the player changes the position of these red dots, the shape of the saw also changes. At the same time, when the player changes the position of these red dots, a straight line that simulates the white shape on the wooden board also appears. The saw will work when the player feels the shape he created matches the required shape.

Wood Cutter mod apk

Change saw blade

Every time the player passes a certain number of boards, the player can get golden gift chests. If you’re lucky, the inside of this gift chest may contain a new type of saw blade. As long as a new type appears, it directly replaces the old saw blade you are using. With many different shapes, players can own sharp saws. Possibly a sharp saw blade with two wavy edges. Or a saw blade with a saw tip that is pointed and curved like a hook. Or simply sharp saw blades that help players easily pierce thick wooden boards.

Wood Cutter mod


As mentioned above, each shape you create will transform into different items. These items sometimes even affect the way you continue the adventure. For example, a triangle creates a miniature pyramid. Or the hexagon transforms into a gray shield. The shape resembles an arrow pointing diagonally but turns into a red lightsaber. The star shape created a powerful explosion with black smoke flying everywhere. As time passes, more exciting shapes appear that players can explore. The more wooden boards the player passes, the more chances they have to get rewards and items.

Change Location

This shaping race requires a change of scenery to add excitement to the game, after completing the required number of wood panels at a location. The surrounding scenery automatically changes to the next scene and shows a new row of wooden panels. In the middle of a forest with towering green mountains and gray boulders. Or a chain in the middle of an arid desert with only the existence of cacti. It could also be on a green beach with animals moving everywhere. The weather can also turn to winter with heavy snowfall, covering all the surrounding space.

Besides the rewards that players receive, there are many wacky challenges. There is the challenge of a man being fastened to a board. Players need to create the exact shape that this level requires. Just one wrong stroke can kill the hostage attached to the wooden board. Players can also use hints with blue virtual keys shaped like eyes. Just touch here; a hint is displayed for players to follow. The lives of the people around you are still going on as usual and don’t see you. Download Wood Cutter APK 0.5.5 to solve all puzzles, and use a saw to create many exciting items.

How to Download & Install Wood Cutter MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Item) for Android


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