Crime Revolt Online MOD APK (No deviation/Hack Radar/No recoil) 2.18

Updated 04/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameCrime Revolt Online APK
PublisherEdkon Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesNo deviation/Hack Radar/No recoil
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Crime Revolt Online

Referring to war, we will immediately think of guns and bullets. Crime Revolt Online will take you to such wars in a straightforward way. You will be a mercenary with your own guns equipped for yourself. Use it to destroy all enemies that appear in the line of sight. Constantly seek and seize great advantages on the battlefield. Survive massive attacks and hold the number one spot.

To relieve stress in life, shooting games are often chosen. Crime Revolt Online is one of those games that you should try and feel. It gives players highly competitive battles. Enjoy amazing 3D visuals with smooth movements. The sound of the battlefield is reproduced vividly with bullets being fired. Encourage players to show their full control talent.

Crime Revolt Online mod free

Download Crime Revolt Online mod – Fight hard with dangerous enemies

Before coming to the brutal wars, you must be prepared. Carefully read the instructions the system gives you about the scroll buttons. Practice proficiently so that you no longer feel strange when controlling your character. When stepping on the battlefield, use the gun and aim at the enemy. Use the fire button to shoot until they are defeated. Your number of kills will be recorded in an extremely complete and detailed way. Mines can be used to throw at the opponent to deal large area damage. Do whatever you can to get the most kills. The team with the highest score will win in the end.

When the opponent is too crowded, and you are alone, it is best to hide. This will help you to avoid the opponent’s attention effectively. Take advantage of the obscurity of the walls to protect yourself from enemy bullets. Combine attack and hide to create the best advantage in the battle.

Crime Revolt Online mod download

Various types of weapons

This is something that certainly any shooting game should have. Weapons that are identical to real-life will be included in this game. Extremely diverse types of guns such as submachine guns, rifles, and pistols are present—an arsenal with typical guns like AK-47, M4A1, or UZI just for you. Join the battlefield to receive great bonuses and accumulate for yourself. Buy these powerful guns and create a diverse gun collection. Become a weapon master by mastering the gameplay of each type. Make your opponents fear with your fighting skills in matches.

Crime Revolt Online mod apk

Customize appearance

Appearance is also a matter of concern for players in Crime Revolt Online. It makes people feel more confident and stand out on the battlefield. Create a unique way of seeing the beauty of each individual. The game will give you a lot of costumes for you to customize your character. From special forces soldiers, prisoners, professors to S.W.A.T forces with extremely cool style. The more expensive the skins are, the more special they are. Give the character something suitable and join them to walk and fight on the battlefield. Win and let others see your talent.

Crime Revolt Online mod android

Multiple quest locations

Battle maps are created to give players more options. Each has been recreated and customized to be as unique as possible. The movement directions in each map are different, and there are fascinating hiding places. You can find a way to take advantage of each map if you play hard. It may take a while to get used to the layout of the map. When mastered, you will be the one in control of everything. Hide and appear continuously to create confusion for the enemy. Memorize how to move and save time in combat effectively.

If your character has appearance options, so do the guns. It also has the ability to transform into more unique designs. From textures and patterns to colors, everything is done wonderfully and harmoniously. Gun skins are expensive or cheap, depending on their appearance. You will have a chance to own these skins by unlocking them in the next levels. Use your most powerful gun, fully equipped, and start fighting. Even if you lose, never be discouraged or give up because that is the spirit of Crime Revolt Online mod.

How to Download & Install Crime Revolt Online MOD APK (No deviation/Hack Radar/No recoil) for Android


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