Superhero MOD APK (Unlimited money) 3.2.2

Updated 18/05/2024 (2 months ago)
NameSuperhero APK
PublisherNaxeex Action & RPG Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Superhero

Shooting action games have never been hot in the gaming community. Superhero is no exception when it is a storming name in this war. The story begins in a city with a sudden increase in the number of crimes. So what is the hero in this city? It is on the righteous side, protecting justice and keeping this city safe. The rising crime rate is due to the appearance of drug trafficking bosses. There are also masters of the people. If they let them rage like that, the lives of the entire people here are threatened and influenced.

A large arsenal provided with a series of guns and ammunition has been fully prepared. Move throughout the city to monitor what is happening around here. Depending on the hero you choose, it is also different for you to act around the city. Can fly like superheroes or jump on roofs like skilled ninjas. Complete a lot of tasks and requirements set out. Types of resources, guns, bullets, and weapons appear scattered everywhere. But it is necessary to have a search to be able to detect these things. The items are hidden carefully; the harder it is, the higher the value of it.

Superhero android

Download Superhero Mod – Become superheroes fighting against mafia in the city.

Your hero stands in the center of the screen; the two sides are control areas. The virtual keys are highlighted with glowing blue. The left-hand corner is a circular virtual key used to control the character moving. The other side is an important area that decides whether you win. Because it contains supportive virtual keys and main attack keys. In the center, the viewfinder is where you press to shoot bullets at the enemy. In the middle of the screen, there are four straight lines; after you adjust the enemy in the middle of this place. Then just press the tap, and you can shoot bullets into the enemy in the front.

Superhero apk free

Many heroes

Hero system with methodical skills, outstanding on each aspect arbitrary for you to choose. These superheroes all possess robust body, along with skilled skills. The superman wears red clothes with a striking black cloak. In particular, if it is a superman, it is capable of flying in the sky for a certain period of time. Or the Japanese Ninja guy is equipped with a green tight outfit. This guy can jump over roofs gently and quickly. Most heroes are equipped with a cloak with the same outfit they are wearing.

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In order for the war to take place in a way that is thrilling and dramatic, the player’s attention will also be hit by Superhero’s arsenal. The variety of equipment that makes you confused in your choice. From rifles, magic guns, or guns that fired many bullets. In addition to guns, there are grenades from many different armies. The attack power, as the destructive power of each type, also changes on its value. In order to collect a variety of weapons, players need to work hard to pick up items that appear on the road. Or use the collection source to buy more advanced equipment for players.

Superhero mod apk

Road map

Decide the road by tracking the mini map at the left corner of the screen. This map is round, inside is the entire road of the city. The player’s position is manifested in a green reverse triangle. There are also car -shaped icons appearing in the frame. This is the place where the cars you can come to rob and put into use. On this mini map, there are three icons used to adjust it. Including shielded shields, plus signs, and a wrench. These symbols depend on the number of times you collect. They are used for changing the path and creating protection parts for a hero.

Superhero mod

The whole city is simulated quite honestly, from buildings, trees, electric poles, etc., to both tanks on the road or helicopters in the sky. Every time you destroy one by one, there will be a large explosion created. Dust and fire spread and formed a black patch on the way. When the player is familiar with the operations, the attack and destruction of many gangster components is simple. Download Superherero Mod becomes a superhero to destroy the entire gangster gang in the city.

How to Download & Install Superhero MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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