Cooking Diary MOD 1.33.0 (Unlimited money) MOD v1.33.0 (Unlimited money. (Should be played offline to avoid being banned))

Posted 2 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
Name Cooking Diary MOD 1.33.0 (Unlimited money)
Publisher MYTONA
Version 1.33.0
Size 581M
MOD Features Unlimited money. (Should be played offline to avoid being banned)
Support Android 4.4+
Get it on Google Play

Cooking Diary is the game for you to take over the restaurant and grow it. According to your grandfather’s wishes, you are fortunate to have the opportunity to make Tasty Hills a place like the culinary world. The protagonist is also a cook, and that is why you were chosen to grow this property. Plan and build the restaurant idea to be known to many customers. You will be successful when this place is the stop for hungry people. Cooking Diary lets you act as a manager, gaining experience from every customer service. Branding and high-quality dishes to the highest standards.

You will do the work of the employee to the manager. Don’t think of the way you stand with your arms crossed and assign tasks to others. Cooking Diary is not a game like that, players cook and hand it to customers. You need to pay attention to each of their gestures to ensure the steady development of the restaurant. Not only creating attractive food, but players also need to be satisfied. They are the ones who provide an income stream for you to develop a restaurant.

Download Cooking Diary mod – Grow your cooking restaurant

Your love of cooking means a lot in performing the golden age restoration that your grandfather accomplished. Now it’s time for your grandfather to rest. Let’s continue to build this place into one of the best dining venues in the area. The menu with delicious food and the fastest service speed. It is necessary to be skilful in building a reputation, not to let any customer dissatisfied with the service. If they leave, it’s your fault. Cooking Diary for players is working in the toughest environment. And that is how you easily get the best quality too. Don’t limit yourself to any framework. Try working in multiple positions.

Become a good chef

Improve your cooking skills. Diversify the menu to add more dishes and drinks. The needs of customers are always in a very rich state. However, don’t go too far with quantity and forget about ensuring the quality of the service you are providing. Cooking Diary challenges players with many different levels. You will start with basic to complex dishes. Convince customers of your own level and keep them happy after every meal. Calculate the time carefully so that guests do not leave. Alternatively, you may also consider joining Master Chef to build your own popularity.

Restaurant design

If you notice, you will find yourself needing to replace some old objects. They change colour and are usually covered with a relatively thick layer of dust. Try putting the customer in the shoes of the restaurant and seeing that scene you will know what to do. Change the whole landscape of the restaurant to a whole new style. Floors, paintings, curtains, TV or furniture, … There are many options for you to create a restaurant with outstanding design. External beauty is also a smart way to impress customers. Combined with delicious food, it will only be a matter of time before you get the maximum score for quality.

Customize your character

Even though you are a chef and a manager. But it’s not like you will wear a chef’s outfit forever. Cooking Diary for players can change outfits as well as accessories. You can choose the clothes, hat or shoes you want. Wear expensive glasses to show off a different fashion sense. When the level has reached a certain limit, investment in the image is essential. Become the discerning chef in Cooking Diary and be confident in every level the developer has created.

Cooking Diary allows players to connect online with many others. You can cook and interact with friends on social media. Make your restaurant stand out more. Complete the levels excellently and don’t disappoint your interior. Download Cooking Diary mod to develop restaurants and attract more customers.


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