Cooking City MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Updated 06/06/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameCooking City APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Cooking City

Show off your cooking and serving skills in Cooking City mod apk. Most cooking games will often focus on meticulousness to make a great dish. Cooking City is the exact opposite of that. The cooking will happen very quickly to serve the diners in the fastest time. What Cooking City wants to aim for is your reflexes. Read the order and serve the dish as fast as possible. Your mobile restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines and moves anywhere in the world. At each location, you will be serving a new dish to everyone.

Because of the nature of work and pace, Cooking City has always been nicknamed the crazy cooking game. By that madness, the speed of serving food in the game will increase gradually with the levels. You will have to do dozens of diners in a few minutes. This requires you to prepare dishes for restaurants in the fastest time carefully. The dish that comes out of the oven must always be precisely what the diners ask for. If you can do that, your restaurant will attract more customers. Revenue is also increased based on the number of dishes sold.

Cooking City mod

Download Cooking City mod apk – Serve food in a hurry

In front of you, on each level, is a cart full of food to serve diners. They will move to you and ask for a particular meal. You will have to combine the foods on the trolley to create the diners’ dish. So you have successfully served the first customer. The number of guests coming will be more crowded, and you have to serve them within the allotted time. The time bar next to everyone’s menu will gradually decrease. When it ends, it also means that diners will leave and give a bad assessment of your service. Don’t let that happen and try to serve all customers.

Cooking City mod apk

Many of the most attractive dishes

Your mobile restaurant moves seamlessly around the world. So it is quite understandable that there will be other dishes in different cities, from burgers with fatty beef, spaghetti, or deep-fried chicken. Any popular dish can appear in Cooking City. In more detail, the tools used to prepare the dish will change to suit the menu. Hot pans for frying and frying. Fast and attractive automatic water dispenser. On some levels, you also have a few more candies not to make the diners lose patience for a long time. Combine all your skills and reflexes to serve the restaurants.

Cooking City mod apk free

Challenging levels

Each level is one time your restaurant serves for a certain period. Depending on the difficulty, the number of customers or dishes will change. There are only a few easy-to-serve and straightforward dishes in the first levels. The number of customers also cannot reach double digits. The service is just like a way to get used to the atmosphere of the game. When going to higher levels, everything will change dramatically. The customer’s patience will plummet. More and more dishes make the combination much more confusing and complicated. Sometimes, the game screen also has an extremely difficult condition, not letting any customers leave.

Cooking City mod free

Upgrading kitchen equipment

As the number of guests increases, we need to serve more. Up to a point, the utensils in the kitchen will not be enough to cook a huge amount of food. That’s when you should upgrade your entire kitchen system. Equip more stoves to cook more dishes. Buy more coffee machines for faster service. Use the money that you have collected from many levels. This symbolizes that you use the revenue to upgrade and improve your restaurant. Attract more diners from all over the world to enjoy the best food. Make your name an authentic brand.

Cooking City free

Becoming a chef is not easy at all. Cooking City gives you a chance to do the hardest job in the world. You served in a completely different space than a restaurant. Welcome, all diners, to your mobile restaurant. Don’t make anyone lose patience with the fastest and most fantastic food service. Until you achieve specific achievements, the Cooking City mod apk will always accompany you to discover many great dishes. Moving around the world together to bring the best culinary quintessence.

How to Download & Install Cooking City MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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