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Updated 14/06/2021 (3 years ago)
NameCleaner by Augustro APK
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SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Cleaner by Augustro

Cleaner by Augustro is an application with the function of cleaning junk folders. As well as the environment, if not cleaned daily. Quickly contaminated and brought many bad consequences. Same with mobile devices. Daily needs to be processed and not to have junk files. Thus, it will be more powerful and effective when used. Cleaner by Augustro is an essential tool for anyone using a mobile device. Want to be solved all problems about junk files in the machine. Then these are the solutions just for you. Quickly remove all unnecessary files for the new maximum storage capacity.

The application will help users quickly delete all the necessary folders. Use on mobile devices and perform the fastest. Cleaner by Augustro guarantees to deliver the features that meet the requirements. It is a vehicle with optimal functions. Works on most models. Simple in operations to deal with files. So far, there have been a lot of user choices what Cleaner by Augustro has brought. Do not disappoint you when you choose to accompany the application. Delete all files and bring new experiences. Join Cleaner by Augustro and make your device neater. Ensure the expected results and for the machine to operate more optimally.

Cleaner by Augustro mod

Download Cleaner by Augustro mod – Clean up unnecessary files on your phone

Every day you often use and download many different files. After a while and no longer used. If you do not delete it, it will also make the device no longer work well. Inability to store many new applications or files. And to fix that, Cleaner by Augustro is indispensable. The application is chosen by a large number of users. Synthetic multi-function and not difficult to use. A quick way to delete all files with just one tap. Save time as well as steps to take. Cleaner by Augustro – junk cleaner for mobile. Gain a lot of trust from users. Optimized steps and is an essential means for those who are looking.

Cleaner by Augustro mod free

Auto delete

An outstanding feature that Cleaner by Augustro has. It’s an automatic scan that you don’t need to do. With some applications, it has to go through operations. But Cleaner by Augustro is the opposite. You do not need to delete each file. Any data to delete Cleaner by Augustro will help you. Just set in settings. Immediately those files will be deleted quickly. The automatic way will also reduce the time and steps that you need to use. And you will have more time for other tasks. Skip the manual operations. Come to Cleaner by Augustro and everything will be done in one touch. Automatic and still guaranteed to be what you want.

Cleaner by Augustro mod apk

Exclude some folders

For files that you still use. Cleaner by Augustro also will not delete and stay the same. It can be images, videos, or any other file. Create separate folders, so you don’t delete those files. If you want to delete, you will have to select and confirm that category. Thus, the process of scanning for new spam messages is performed. This will also prevent users from being mistakenly deleted with files that users still need. All will be sorted and create their own lists. The ability to scan excluded files offers quite a few advantages. For you to use with all functions included in Cleaner by Augustro.

Cleaner by Augustro mod android

The scanner works strong

Designed with the most minimalistic interface. Suitable for different users. Depends on the items you want to be deleted. Works strong across devices. High speed, fast processing. You no longer experience lags or faulty processing. Always minimize those conditions so that you no longer have them. Make sure the device always has enough space for storage memory. Setup downloads and installs on your device easily. Complete all the problems you want to be solved with the spam. Cleaner by Augustro is considered a scanner for mobile. Bring functions and tools to help you. Does not contain ads when visiting. Download Cleaner by Augustro mod to clean the files in the device.

How to Download & Install Cleaner by Augustro APK for Android


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