Arrow War MOD APK 2.5 (Menu/God mode)

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NameArrow War APK
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MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Bows and arrows are dangerous weapons specialized for long-range attacks. Bow users have an outstanding defensive advantage against large numbers of enemies. During sieges of the stronghold, we see them use this weapon to hold the enemy back effectively. Arrow War will let you see these tactics firsthand. Your hand will be the one to lead the soldiers to keep their front lines. Sharp arrows are the terrifying thing for those ahead.

Arrow War is a classic tower defense strategy game familiar to us. This style of play brings a big attraction to many players. The special thing is that the graphics of Arrow War are made according to hand-drawn strokes. The strange and monstrous disposition will give you a more novel feeling while fighting. Being able to arrange an effective strategy for yourself manually is like in Plants vs. Zombies.

Arrow War mod android

Download Arrow War mod – Successfully defend the king’s castle

Our castle is in danger of being attacked by monsters. To be able to escape this disaster, we must stand up against them. Bows and arrows are a great choice to take down enemies quickly. Soldiers will take on this task with their marksmanship skills. Your job is to properly arrange their position on the battlefield to block the attacks. Arrows will be fired continuously until the enemies fall. Can use additional help rights when the enemy is too large and aggressive. Do not let them step near the archers because they will lose their lives.

Beware of enemies with skills to change direction and create shields. They can shorten the distance if you are not careful. Look for snipers who are good at attacking these guys. Let’s find ways to work together to finish them off as quickly as possible before it’s too late.

Arrow War mod free

Equip the soldiers with hats

The hats are tools that help increase some special abilities for soldiers. Can add magic attack stats, physical damage, or cooldown reduction,… The more expensive the hats, the more beneficial things are. What’s even better is the unique design of the hats. They have fun designs that make the archer look very funny. Try to find yourself a hat that is strong and suits your style best. It can help you against enemies much stronger than usual. Push the win rate higher than usual and easier in combat.

Arrow War mod download

Strong bows

Hats are also important, but more important will be the bows that the archers use. It is responsible for increasing the firepower of arrows in combat. The default bows may soon be unsuitable for your team. Then buy even stronger bows available in the store. Each bow gives you cool attributes like fire rate or HP percentage damage. Like hats, the more valuable the bow and arrow, the more powerful they are. Not only that, but the appearance also becomes very cool when equipped for soldiers. Choose a smart way to improve the quality of your army.

Arrow War mod apk

Unique types of arrows

The arrows are what directly defeat the enemies when they dare to invade our territory. There are many different types of arrows for you to upgrade for archers freely. The stronger the arrow, the more special and terrible it is appearance. Arrows with high rarity will be the strongest arrows. Stone arrows, magic, aliens, and countless other unique shapes are waiting for you to unlock. Own the coolest arrows and let your archers use them. Turn defeat into victory in the most intense matches on the planet. Let the arrows do the work they need, see if the enemy can stand it.

Arrow War mod apk free

Raise the base stats

Strength states are also only part of the process of increasing strength. Never forget to increase the base stats of your minions. It will improve everyone’s ability and help their true potential to be unleashed. The more they raise their stats, the more strange their appearance becomes. Admire the transformation of the soldiers and continue to get stronger. Don’t forget the ancient stones that can give you some additional beneficial effects. If you are looking to fight, there is nothing more appropriate than playing Arrow War mod. Show tactical talent and lead your army to victory.

Download Arrow War MOD APK (Menu/God mode) for Android

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