Chores! MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) 3.8.1

Updated 28/11/2023 (2 days ago)
NameChores! APK
PublisherLion Studios
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Chores!

Show off your ability to complete the chores with the neatness you’ve learned in Chores! You’ll start to become a housekeeper as you gain organizing skills. And then, you will start the house cleaning challenges with your ability. From cleaning to sweeping, everything needs to be handled perfectly. So it would be best to learn how to organize everything to show off your housework skills. And when you successfully clean the house, people will judge you differently. Complete the cleaning tasks to feel the enjoyment of housework.

Housework will involve much work, and not everyone has the patience. In addition to many things, taking care of the house also requires the care of the housewife. Therefore, women will often be the main ones in charge of the house. But when it comes to the world of housework, anyone will be able to try these jobs. This will help people better understand the hard work of a person doing housework. Moreover, they will also help us to be more conscious of keeping our home tidy. But first, you must learn how to set things up and put your organizing skills to the test.

Chores android

Download Chores! mod – Complete the chore challenge in your own home

You will play the role of a housewife and embark on daily tasks in the house. It will be cleaning dirty places, washing clothes, or cleaning the house. However, those jobs will be difficult because they require care and meticulousness. So in common sense, it’s still work for women, but they also need to be shared. And getting used to cleaning the house will be a comfort and encouragement for the weak. You can help them by cleaning up the room themselves after use. Organize your household items and live more consciously with your home.

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Cleaning duty

Your task when entering the house will be to clean everything in it. All necessary furniture is placed inside, but one will not be in place. And it would be best if you arranged things to make the rooms more tidy. Sometimes a few items get dirty, and you need to clean them to make them look new. So you need to pay attention to the layout of objects and rearrange them. And when it comes to cleaning, you will feel comfortable in a clean and tidy home. Take on the task of cleaning and rearranging the objects inside your house.

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The skill of arranging things

You must complete the cleaning task when entering an utterly messy house. And the house you enter does not seem to have ever been cleaned by anyone. Everything was strewn about on the floor, and the objects were improperly arranged. Some objects are not even cleaned after being used for a long time. So you have to be responsible for cleaning and using your organizing skills to clean up the house. But you are so used to the arrangement that this will not be a challenge—complete housework tasks with the care and meticulousness of a responsible person.

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Upgrading the house

The tasks you need to complete are to clean up the objects placed inside the house. They have never been rearranged and not even cleaned after use. So you will be the one to clean the house and rearrange the objects in each room. They must be in place once cleaned, and you will be responsible for that. And you can get a bonus after completing the task of cleaning the rooms. Then you can buy new items and upgrade your home. Upgrade and improve your home to make it fresher and more modern, thanks to your orderliness.

Chores mod apk

You have become the person who cleans the rooms and rearranges the used items. And then you have become a proper housewife and must get used to cleaning. Old items need to be replaced, and you can buy them with your bonus. However, you need to complete the cleaning and arranging the rooms to get the bonus. This will help you practice your ability to organize things and help keep things organized. And when you do an excellent cleaning job, you can get bonuses to upgrade the house. Download Chores! mod to complete the housewife’s work thanks to your orderliness.

How to Download & Install Chores! MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money) for Android


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