Days After MOD APK (Menu, Free craft/God mode/Max Durability) 11.2.0

Updated 14/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameDays After APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free craft/God mode/Max Durability
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Days After MOD APK detail?
  • V1: Immortality/Max Durability
  • V2

Menu mod

  1. Dumb enemy
  2. Free craft: only works with some items
  3. Fast travel
  • V3: Menu mod
  1. Dumb enemy
  • V4: Menu
  1. One hit
  2. God mode
  3. Free Craft
  4. No hungry, thirst, infection
  5. Fast travel

Introduce MOD APK Days After

The consequences that the apocalypse leaves are extremely terrible for humanity. Days After is the best example to understand this tragedy better. Perform missions for yourself to be able to survive. For the zombie apocalypse, this is much more dangerous and difficult. But for the human desire to survive, anything is impossible. If you make a small mistake, everything will return to zero. You do not carry the responsibility of saving humanity. Just survive this tragedy alone by any means. I definitely will have to use force to fight.

Adhere to the principles of survival in the zombie apocalypse. Zombies are everywhere and will tear you apart anytime you let your guard down. That’s why you will have to protect yourself to survive. Learn to survive and do the necessary things to protect yourself. After meeting all those needs, you can officially travel in this scary post-apocalyptic world. Now all around you is death. How will you handle it?

Days After mod

Download Days After mod – Fight for survival in the apocalypse

First, choose your character in this world to start your battle for survival. Gender selection will not affect your survival too much. Then start the story and enter the post-apocalyptic world. It can be seen that you will not have a permanent place to stay during this journey. So the best option is to create everything yourself, even a place to hide. It sounds far-fetched, but it is the destination that we must reach. The first thing to do right now is to gather any resources on the ground to craft.

Not just survival, you will need to survive the pursuit of dangerous undead. They are almost everywhere you can see on earth. You can’t hide forever, and you have to fight sooner or later. Find or craft your own weapons. Resist the attacks of many zombies at once. Up until now, you could only do it by yourself. Don’t be too confident in yourself and then die unjustly.

Days After mod free

Memorize the rules of survival

To survive zombies in this world, you need to have many experience and skills to make items. Start by collecting all the items you see on the face. It could be something left behind from someone, or even anything like a stone or a stick. With them, we can create anything. Initially will be axed with straightforward materials of stone and wood. After a period of survival, we need more experience to craft more important things. At some point, you will need to create weapons to survive on your own.

Days After mod apk

Pass through many different locations

Although it is an apocalyptic world, we will still encounter many different terrains. If you can go a long way, you will see it. Sometimes it can only open when you complete a quest or go there and unlock it yourself. Depending on the terrain, we can find important materials to make furniture. If it’s a terrain specializing in rock, there’s a lot for you to craft self-defense hand weapons. The terrain with a lot of water can provide the necessary amount of drinking water for the body. Depending on the variety of materials, you can create anything on the given terrain.

Days After mod apk free

Encounter and repel zombies

Fighting zombies is an activity you’ll do most in Days After. Their level of danger lies in each level for each type. If up to now you still think that all zombies are the same, you are completely wrong. If you only have many weapons without learning about zombies, you will be killed sooner or later because the many zombies counter normal weapons. They can move at lightning speed and have a lot of health as well. It would help if you worried when you lack the weapons and knowledge to confront the zombies. So it will all depend on the survival skills and knowledge you have.

Days After free

That is the overview of Days After that I have introduced for you to understand briefly. Only one human being begins his journey. The latter may become the sole survivor in the post-apocalyptic world. Learn how to survive and craft items with any material. Days After mod is the only battlefield for you to rely on to survive.

How to Download & Install Days After MOD APK (Menu, Free craft/God mode/Max Durability) for Android


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1 year ago

On samsung android 13 its keep saying game bug and then crashed, please help me ^-^ i cant even play it now 🙁 i wish there is new update for fix this problem ^-^ thank you so much

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