Cat Mart MOD APK (Free shopping/Rewards) 1.2.22

Updated 18/06/2024 (5 days ago)
NameCat Mart APK
Publishermafgames (Idle Games, Tycoon Games)
MOD FeaturesFree shopping/Rewards
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Cat Mart

Cat Mart MOD APK – is where super cute cat kings will show off their skills when growing different plants and processing various kinds of food. Other cat customers will give you a headache because their preferences will create huge and diverse orders. It will be difficult for you to satisfy the many guests arriving, so hiring more lovely managers is not wrong. With just a few simple steps, you can run a whole system with a series of continuously operating employees and become a production line.

The game’s primary purpose is for experiencers to have a relaxing place to kill free time. It will not take players too long to get familiar with the operations and ways to operate the chains in the game. They also don’t have to devote all their concentration to becoming a master because they only need to relax and perform a few simple operations. Adorable scenes, playful cats and pastel tones create a relaxing feeling. However, when experiencing the game, you will still learn how to manage resources when different resources are involved in production.

Cat Mart mod apk free

Download Cat Mart MOD APK – Cute kings and their supermarkets

Supermarkets contain many different types of goods and are often visited by many people to buy what they need because the items in supermarkets are highly diverse. Among the many things inside the supermarket, food is one of the most attractive and popular things that many people buy. This can be explained by the supermarket’s strict quality management, which makes the food here highly, but in return, the price will be a bit high. However, many people still choose to buy food at the supermarket. In the game, you will experience how a supermarket imports and sells food and other things with adorable cats.

Cat Mart mod free

Reliable food source

The foods in your supermarket will be imported from other places as much as possible because you have a magical garden behind you. It is an extraordinary place where you can grow almost every type of plant. In addition to fruit trees, some flowers are straightforward to sprout in gardens. However, everything will not stop at plants; you can raise several different livestock species. Use the exact plants you have grown as food for them. This will be a source of safe and quality meat that you can sell at an attractive price.

Cat Mart mod apk

A difficult place to manage

Initially, your supermarket will be small in scale with very few items. This will be where the fewest customers come in, the least profit, and the easiest to manage. But the later you work it well, the more guests will visit here to find their desired items. In addition to food, you need to have many other things to attract more guests. Therefore, hiring cute cats as managers is not a bad idea. In addition, chef cats need to be given priority when the dishes they create can make shoppers feel fascinated by their deliciousness.

Cat Mart mod

Receive the gifts

The gifts at the stages are considered milestones for your efforts. They are not simply gift boxes but also a symbol of the journey in which you have built the supermarket and made it grow. Inside each gift box are surprises waiting with money or rare seeds. They are what you deserve after a period of trying to grow your store, and those rewards will give you even more opportunities to grow. Please put your trust in cute cats because they will not disappoint you.

Cat Mart free

Manage resources

Although the cats will do their assigned tasks well, they are your employees, and you still own the resources, so you need to be responsible for allocating them appropriately. Everything from growing crops and raising livestock to building a new facility will cost money, so consider the profit you make versus the money you spend. Become an omnipotent owner and open more supermarket branches worldwide at Cat Mart MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Cat Mart MOD APK (Free shopping/Rewards) for Android


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