Heroes vs Monsters: Tower War MOD APK (Unlimited money, blue box) 1.0.21

Updated 26/09/2023 (10 months ago)
NameHeroes vs Monsters: Tower War APK
PublisherMobile Game Deployment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, blue box
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Heroes vs Monsters: Tower War

Heroes vs Monsters: Tower War is a tower defence game that combines strategy. Here it would be best if you protected your kingdom against the invasion of evil monsters. In addition, you also need to liberate different worlds and then safeguard these places from enemies. In addition, unlock and upgrade heroes to make the battle more fierce. The uncompromising fight when players need to lead an army of heroes. Face off against boss monsters of enormous size. Whether your world will experience peaceful days depends entirely on your ability—Ten different worlds correspond to 10 new experiences.

Each of the ten worlds requires a unique strategy to defend against oncoming monsters. The game has many mechanics, such as castle development, and defence king. There are also tower attacks, explosions, destruction, and kingdom defence. Add to that monster attack, idle kingdom defence, tower boss attack, and more. With each world, you’ll face challenges that will test your skills to the limit. You will face death if your entire character cannot defeat the enemy. Start the challenge again and change to a wiser strategy. Collect the gold cards with the skull above.

Heroes vs Monsters Tower War android

Download Heroes vs Monsters: Tower War mod – Make a wise strategy across ten worlds.

When the player unlocks the heroes, they all have a chance to appear in the battle. During the war, your characters’ cards are lined up at the bottom of the screen. As you know, you need to collect a lot of gold cards. This is where this card comes into play. You will use this card to buy the characters you want. Only then will this character be brought into the war? This means the more gold cards you own, the more characters you can buy. However, the number of each type of character has a specific limit. The higher the strength, the smaller the quantity limit and the higher the price.

Heroes vs Monsters Tower War apk free

First three worlds

The game offers ten main worlds, the first three being Sand world, snow world, and and the world of skeletons. In the sand world, only the specially chosen can survive. Players must build a castle and attack the monsters that invade this place. In the snow world, you will have to fight skeletons and create new items to help in the fight. The world of frames seems more straightforward to breathe than the rest. Many souls try to conquer this place. Players must use the castle development, tower defence, and monster attack mechanics for all three of these worlds.

Heroes vs Monsters Tower War mod apk

Three worlds between

Next is the slime world, the lava world, and the mushroom world. The slime world is relatively dangerous; players get stuck here and can hardly escape it. The lava world is covered with an orange-red colour of lava. This place is as dangerous as the rest of the world. Not everyone can make it to the end of this brutal battle. The world of mushrooms sounds like an easy thing to overcome. But when you participate, you will see how important it is to use your mind to devise tactics. Here is a relatively easy-to-see landscape when recreating a familiar space with colourful mushrooms.

Heroes vs Monsters Tower War mod

last four worlds

Finally, the world of trees, the world of stones, the world of darkness and the world of light. The green world is the most beautiful world that players can own. The world of rock is relatively cruel because large and small stones appear everywhere. The dark world is as dark as the name suggests; not everyone can conquer this place. Once the world of darkness has been destroyed, opening the world of light is no longer difficult. This is the dream world of many people as the end of happiness. Most of the mechanics of these worlds are dice mechanics. Players must fight with battle dragons and fully use their power.

Heroes vs Monsters Tower War apk

In addition to various worlds, players can choose from fighting characters. Unlock and upgrade these characters so your character can be more robust in the fight. Not all characters have the same appearance as an average people. Mutant animals, heroes, creatures possessing powerful abilities. All can participate in this arduous battle. If successful in the competition, players can own their worlds. Download Heroes vs Monsters: Tower War mod destroys all monsters and conquer ten worlds.

How to Download & Install Heroes vs Monsters: Tower War MOD APK (Unlimited money, blue box) for Android


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