Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) 2.1.123

Updated 31/01/2024 (6 months ago)
NameCar Mechanic Simulator APK
PublisherDigital Melody Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Car Mechanic Simulator

Car is a hobby for many people, but everyone has their own passion for this vehicle. Drive, repair, and customize is something you can do in your car. Car Mechanic Simulator 18 is a game for you to satisfy your love through your own knowledge. Refresh old cars by repairing and restoring everything then selling them for money. Car Mechanic Simulator is not for someone who wants to enjoy high-speed throttle kicks. The player will revive the engine block so the car can be active again. Try to be a skilled car mechanic, conquer every oldest machine.

You are different from normal drivers. For many people, when they see a car with severe damage they do not know how to handle it. Those who have the means may even be willing to replace a new car. Car Mechanic Simulator lets you take advantage of everything that remains to build a new model. Restoring the state is no different from a new car factory. If you like driving simulation, you can check out RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch, Airport City.
Car Mechanic Simulator mod

Download Car Mechanic Simulator mod – Restoring classic car models

Car Mechanic Simulator gives you more knowledge experience. Players will know more about the vehicle system and components on the car. In this game, you will witness firsthand the details under a very realistic angle. What is in a car is likely to fail. You have to be the one to fix all of those problems. From simple things to complex things, through your hand, it will work again. Many customers are waiting for that effort. They are willing to pay for an old car. Building trustworthiness you never have to worry about not selling a car.

Car Mechanic Simulator mod apk

Car repair

As you know, cars have a lot of things that deteriorate over time. That is why many people choose a big brand to be able to use the car for a long time. In this game, most of the cars are out of date. Even the designs belong to the last century. They are kept in the old warehouse and you will make the cars move again. Engines, brakes, chassis, exhaust and more need your hand to revive it. Take steps to restore important parts on a vehicle. You don’t have to be too fast, but care is always necessary.

Car Mechanic Simulator mod download

Redecorate the car

When the car is degraded and paralyzed, surely most of them are also. The paint colour is lost and is replaced by rust marks. You have to refresh the exterior to increase the attractiveness of customers. There is no reason why a good car is a minus point of appearance. It can lower the cost, the effort can not be returned as you expect.

Car Mechanic Simulator mod android

Car for sale

You are not the one to collect antique car models, remodel and pile up into collections. Car Mechanic Simulator lets you work as an experienced car mechanic. Of course, at first, many players do not know yet, but through the levels, you gradually develop skills. Each car is sold later the price is increasing. It depends on the degree of perfection and the value brought to the user. A good mechanic never needs to worry about running out of money. Getting rich through old cars is not too difficult if you are capable.

Car Mechanic Simulator mod free

Car Mechanic Simulator does not have super cars, but you are familiar with classic cars. Old warehouse always brings workload for you. Just fear the player is not strong enough to undertake it. Download the Car Mechanic Simulator mod to rebuild the car models and let it roll on the road again.

How to Download & Install Car Mechanic Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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