Car Crusher MOD APK 1.5.8 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 09/08/2021 (2 years ago)
NameCar Crusher APK
PublisherBoomBit Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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You will see the destruction of a car, plane, or tank in the game Car Crusher. This is relatively interesting to give players a new experience. All means of transport such as cars are large in size. When the expiration date is up, we need to find a way to shrink the area instead of leaving it at its original size. By using a hydraulic press, any car gets crushed no matter how hard it is made of the material. Players will conquer a series of most sure cars. Car Crusher for you to get acquainted with some small Sedan models. You shouldn’t limit yourself to such easy models.

From an ordinary car, after being hydraulic pressed, they are no different than a pile of scrap metal. Seeing firsthand how expensive supercars are destroyed in a split second is interesting to many people. But don’t think that the hydraulic machine can crush anything. There are many vehicles that cannot be destroyed without improving the hydraulic machine.

Car Crusher mod

Download Car Crusher MOD – Squeeze and Destroy vehicles

When running at full capacity, make sure the car is crushed or you have to do it again. There are vehicles in Car Crusher that are more than just a means of transportation. Helicopters and tanks were one of the types of vehicles destroyed. Made of stronger material, using basic hydraulic pressing is difficult to turn them into pieces. Speed ​​and power are the main factors that make your hydraulic presses successful or not. Just hold on the screen, two horizontal bars pressed against the car and the vertical bar will bring the vehicle down the shipping area. The giant gears put a lot of pressure on any vehicle.

Conquer the most difficult vehicle

With that said, all vehicles are in the Car Crusher game, cars are just the beginning. The shell properties of each vehicle are different, making it difficult for players to press. Unlocking the car here is not to own and care for it, you will spend money to destroy each car model you want. Easy-to-do changing of vehicles is a way for players to improve their expertise. There are many models such as SUVs, pickups, rollers, tanks, helicopters, choose the most expensive model to crush them.

Car Crusher mod apk

Upgrade hydraulic press

There is a great power that can destroy machines with hard materials, but if you do not upgrade, it will gradually become powerless against modern vehicles. Improved power and faster pressing speed make it unafraid in front of any car. Besides, players also get more bonuses when upgrading the bonus item. The pit cars in the warehouse are waiting for you to conquer by destroying it. When the press cannot be successfully pressed, your hydraulic machine will overheat. Don’t let that happen if you don’t want to get it serviced early.

Car Crusher mod download

Car Crusher has simple gameplay, but you will be seen through the process of crushing the toughest machine from start to finish. While there are many powerful vehicles for you to explore, they are not for possession. In this game, the player will take the entire model to the scrap yard. Download Car Crusher MOD to develop further hydraulic press to crush every car. The shattered windshield, wheels shot out in all directions are the sights you’ll see while playing.

Download Car Crusher MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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