Polygon Fantasy MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No Cooldown) 1.6.0

Updated 23/11/2023 (6 days ago)
NamePolygon Fantasy APK
PublisherAlda Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb enemy/No Cooldown
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Polygon Fantasy MOD APK Information

  • V1: Menu, Damage Multiplier/God Mode/No Cooldown

Introduce MOD APK Polygon Fantasy

Polygon Fantasy is an engaging action game with heroes as the main characters with many extraordinary powers. When the whole world fell into despair, the devil was awakened. Fight like a hero on a battlefield full of challenges. Players will control the warrior to follow a particular route. With intense destructive power, you will create a resounding story. The player must always be ready to fight the evil fire demons. These will be fierce battles between the wrong group and the group of heroes Polygon. In this Twisted Kingdom, the battlefield of demons is challenging to break through, must be brave heroes willing to sacrifice themselves.

When the central star turns red, the world will be covered by a dark force led by the buffalo-headed demon. Polygon Fantasy is the perfect combination of multiple terrains with top-notch combat. Characters also change frequently to create something new for Polygon Fantasy. Each location and construction has demons or dangers lurking around every corner. Your job is to upgrade your fighting ability and destroy all who intend to invade your territory. The game’s plot is built logically; players will quickly understand their tasks.

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Download Polygon Fantasy mod – become a hero to slay evil

Before participating in the battle, players will have to choose their character. Make sure that players understand each character’s strength in Polygon Fantasy to make the right choice. In addition to the boss’s appearance, there is also the presence of the dark army. They sided with the devil and attacked the weak people. With classic styling, Polygon Fantasy brings the feel of medieval battles, especially the appearance of war dragons and ancient castles. You will have to fight those god dragons. There are countless items and gifts for your victory.

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There are seven heroes to choose from

As a gambler, you’ll want to build your character. Polygon Fantasy will help you do just that. With a diverse combination of symbols from ranged, mage, blacksmith,…free for you to choose. Of course, each character will have different shapes and unique skills. Accompanying it will be essential equipment such as shields, spears, and torches, … Your job is to collect enough items to equip your character. Furthermore, you can also unlock companion characters. It will be cute animals or dragons.

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Equip items

Polygon Fantasy allows a character to carry multiple types of equipment on him. In addition to necessary items such as clothes and shoes, you can wear more masks, rings, belts, … The more things, the stronger the hero’s ability. Stealing equipment to merge or upgrade is allowed in this game. In addition, each season has special and limited rewards. If you can own them, you will have special abilities that are strong and have great destructive power. Explore dark dungeons and mystical places to find what you need with 4 unique locations: Blade Valley, Eternium Desert, Exiled Kingdom of Twisted Kingdom, or Northern Empire.

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Character upgrade

At the beginning of the game, your character will be at level 1 with rudimentary skills. Only equipped with regular clothes along with essential weapons. Gradually rely on your ability that can increase the strength of the hero. Providing more armor and shields is something that you should do. Along with that will be super strong skills, which can destroy a circle with a radius of 5m. Using powerful skills helps you to be invincible quickly. But after using this skill, you will have to wait a while before using it again. Choosing the right time to launch the attack also needs to be correct. Various enemies attack you, including goblins, demons, humans, and dragons,…

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Move quickly with the control panel with skill buttons and counterattacks. Polygon Fantasy makes it easy to perform operations. Join the online leaderboards to raise your profile and get bonus items. Polygon Fantasy is free mobile support for the online role-playing game. In addition, the store will also provide you with essential items. Set foot in the battle for survival, and fight the demons. As evil pervades the world, face it and overcome it. Download Polygon Fantasy mod to join the people and rescue the people from the threat of evil.

How to Download & Install Polygon Fantasy MOD APK (Menu, Dumb enemy/No Cooldown) for Android


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