Bullet Knight MOD APK (Increase Damage) 1.2.16

Updated 28/08/2023 (1 month ago)
NameBullet Knight APK
PublisherKooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games
MOD FeaturesIncrease Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Bullet Knight MOD APK

Shooting games are no longer strange to every player. Fight for survival in every battle. Win with your skills. Inspired by that, the Bullet Knight game with a simple design does not lose this game genre’s inherent drama. A long series of levels with different difficulty levels make it difficult for players to stop. Experiencing a shooting game with a top-down perspective makes it attractive for all players to approach it.

Welcome to Bullet Knight, where heroes’ reflexes are trained. A roguelike shooting genre game revolves around gunners. Built-in 3D graphic style and simple gameplay, this game have attracted many players. Each level is a challenge that requires ingenuity, reasonable movement, fighting against countless monsters of different races. Players need to be alert to dodge all their bullets not to receive defeat.

Bullet Knight mod

Download Bullet Knight mod – Survive in a dark prison

Although possessing a straightforward way to play, overcoming each stage in the game is not easy. A single-action button moves the character for the player throughout the match, and the game will automatically attack the enemy when you stop moving. It sounds straightforward to play, but things will become complicated when the character is flooded with the bullets of monsters. Taking too much damage will cause the surface to lose a lot of health. So the player needs to move very skillfully and properly to dodge. Unfortunately, when you lose, you have to start over from the beginning.

The exciting thing in Bullet Knight is that when passing each level, the player will be selected 1 of 3 random skills such as increased health, increased damage, doubled ammo in one shot… Choose what you want to use. for the next level. You can get lucky spins as a bonus to get more gold. There are some chests hidden inside, and luckily you will find them open to receive more items.

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Hero in the war

There are currently two characters for players to choose from. Each person will have different weapons and moves. You can change the character to your liking in the inventory. Use gold to upgrade characters, unlock new skills and power stats. Combined with a perfect set of equipment, your hero will become invincible. Don’t forget the passive is accumulated when fighting monsters, and you will have a combo with much greater support power.

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Warehouse of diverse equipment

The primary weapon that the player will use is the gun. You can collect new guns by opening chests or passing levels. In addition to long-range weapons, the equipment is provided with an arsenal of melee weapons such as swords, knives … Add armor, four additional items, and two pets. Every item can be upgraded with gold. The increment limit will depend on the number of levels the bass player has achieved. You can see how much damage and health you currently have in your inventory. The collection of items or upgrades are also included in this. It is effortless for players to perform all operations.

Bullet Knight mod apk free

Long and vast dungeons

In Bullet Knight, each map will be called a world, divided into five chapters. Each chapter will have different levels. Currently, there are seven worlds for players to explore, such as Magical Forest, Animal Kingdom… Owning your levels and other monsters is a feature of each map. To go to another world, the player needs to pass the current chapters of that area. A series of consecutive wins so you can pass the stage perfectly.

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Multiple game modes with difficulty levels

The initial level of play that the game is for the player is Normal mode. After completing a world, Hard and Hell modes will be opened. The difficulty is increased even though it’s the same map. The problem will be doubled if the player has not upgraded enough damage to defeat the monster. Many monsters, along with their increased attack power, will make it difficult for you. So be careful if you want to approach these two game modes. Every move needs to be carefully calculated, dodging moves carefully.

Bullet Knight mod free android

Players can experience the Bullet Knight mod game anytime, anywhere, even without wifi. A completely free game and suitable for almost any phone configuration. Enjoy the feeling of becoming a hero yourself. Break through all dungeons with your skills. Explore new lands with various monsters. Win each level to receive attractive gifts.

How to Download & Install Bullet Knight MOD APK (Increase Damage) for Android

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