Broken Universe: Tower Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.9

Updated 03/03/2023 (12 months ago)
NameBroken Universe: Tower Defense APK
PublisherJinthree Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Broken Universe: Tower Defense

Building a defense with Broken Universe: Tower Defense is easy and quick. However, calculating whether it works is quite a complex problem. Starting from sparse and weak forces too strong warriors. Ready to crush any attack coming from the invaders. No one could break through the densest defenses created. Win great battles to receive noble glory. Let’s protect the peace for our close friends at all costs.

We immediately think of attractive strategy games when it comes to tower defense. The gameplay is simple but highly addictive for many players. And now we have Broken Universe: Tower Defense to enjoy the new feeling. A colorful world created with extremely eye-catching animations. Simulate a universe full of mysteries of the characters in the fantasy. Exciting battles will also help to forget the sorrows in life. Create an unlimited source of motivation to do other things powerfully and productively.

Broken Universe Tower Defense mod

Download Broken Universe: Tower Defense mod – Resist attacks from enemies

Your planet is the happiest place in the universe with the peace of its inhabitants. However, this peace did not last long when the enemy began to look. They create invasions and upset the lives of the people here. You will have to end this by sending your guardian squads to battle. Place them on the roads where the opponent can deploy forces. When the enemy reaches the allowed limit, your army will attack continuously. Enemies that take damage until they run out of HP will be quickly destroyed. Do not let them reach the critical gates because that is doom.

Colorful planet

The planet you control has many unique and essential areas. Enemies will attack these locations to gain a great advantage for themselves. Random places are divided into levels with multiple levels. You will find that the new map will make a lot of difference every time you join the battle, from the arrangement of paths and obstacles to the way the enemy attacks. Thus, players are required to observe and adapt quickly. So come up with strategies that match the enemy’s types of attacks. Quickly drain the opponent’s life force and end the match in a glorious victory.

Broken Universe Tower Defense mod free

Defensive line

The army you choose is very diverse, and it will grow gradually in the future. It will consist of various units, including fusion towers and troop-carrying modules. The fusion towers play an important role in repelling enemies. Each building creates special projectiles to deal a detriment to the opponent. You can only build a certain number of these towers along the way. Next are the units of soldiers that can fight flexibly. Instead, these units will not become passive like towers but can be dynamically changed. Soldiers will block the enemy’s path and engage them on command.

Broken Universe Tower Defense mod apk

Technology upgrade

Technology is one of the essential factors that make it easier for us to confront the enemy. When you complete the following challenges, you will unlock more new features. There will be new defense options with more terrible combat power in them. It can completely replace the old units with its unique abilities. The upgrades you give your teams will help them evolve more powerfully. Use your money to train high-class and practical units. Provide more winning chances for the matches you join later. The investment is always expensive but offers a lot of advantages.

Broken Universe Tower Defense mod android

Skill Deployment

In critical situations, we need something groundbreaking to make a difference. Take advantage of the ultimate skills you already have. These dimensions allow you to unleash a devastating attack on your opponent. Make their squad crumble before your defensive wall. After developing more advanced technology, you can unlock more ultimate moves. However, these moves have a relatively long countdown time. So it is necessary to activate it at critical times to avoid being lost. Win or lose will depend on you and Broken Universe: Tower Defense mod.

How to Download & Install Broken Universe: Tower Defense MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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