Brain Test 3 MOD APK (Unlimited hints) 1.72.7

Updated 07/06/2024 (7 days ago)
NameBrain Test 3 APK
PublisherUnico Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Brain Test 3

Brain Test 3 is a super engaging intellectual challenge game for you. If you like the feeling of having to think and brainstorm, this is an option that you should not ignore. Join the main character in the game on a journey of discovery full of new and challenging puzzles! The game is not as elaborate as the action games with a fantastic interface. But Brain Test 3 can still make you fall for its slick but exciting nature. Each trick puzzle, even puzzling, will keep you thinking. Challenge your brain with a simple game right now!

Your character has a meaningful name – Hieu Thao – who is on a journey to find the pearl to save his father. It will be an adventure that is not action or combat in nature. What you need to do is overcome the inference puzzles. The brain is the primary tool for you to use in this game. Hieu Thao will have to develop her reasoning ability in this quest to find gems. Keep the spirit of the character you control clear and alert. Challenging in Brain Test 3 is considered the core of the game. Are you ready with a wise brain? The journey to find pearls with the innovative character Hieu Thao will soon depart!

Brain Test 3 mod

Download Brain Test 3 mod – Master your arguments

This is an opportunity for you to evaluate your thinking ability. The ability to apply rational thinking will be the key to your overcome. The game offers many challenging puzzles and tricks, and you need in-depth reasoning and analytical ability to answer. Continuing the demanding and challenging nature of the existing Brain Test series, this is a new version of logic challenges. Be very patient with your character guy every step of the way! The noble mission of this journey is still waiting for you to perform. Whether or not Hieu Thao’s father can be saved depends on your ability and intelligence.

Brain Test 3 mod apk

Continuous intellectual challenge

You will encounter a lot of confusing questions and situations. Brain Test 3 is not just about trivia or tricky stories. Now your brain will be challenged from many different angles. You may have to solve tricky puzzles. You may still encounter situations that need to be resolved without a clue. You will have to combine intelligence and observation. Careful observations will give you multiple lines of reasoning. Brain Test 3 will challenge your ability to analyze and see. In addition to the difficulty, the game also built a mysterious element. With the situations you encounter, you have to accept extraordinary cases. What you need to do is to think and analyze skillfully.

Brain Test 3 apk free

Upgrade more features

To maintain your ability to reach the journey’s end, you must collect more tools. They will be a powerful tool to help you conquer the challenges on the road. Brain Test 3 has also created more opportunities for players by strengthening the help system. You will no longer have to skip the turn but can choose the form of help. Conquering every round is now extremely simple—a suggestions store with tons of ideas and unique solutions for you. You will no longer have to deal with complex tasks. You can even leave the game on autoplay when needed and observe further. The valuable suggestions are a great source of additional knowledge for you. Try to overcome as many questions and difficult situations. You will collect a lot of items as tools to aid your journey.

Brain Test 3 apk

Exciting quest expansion

Not only accompanying the character in the journey to save his father, but you also have another unique mission. Let’s work with Hieu Thao – the game’s main character – to create a high-class tool assembly factory. The finished products you get from previous trials will be the primary source of this factory, and you will create more advanced machines and equipment from the items you accumulate. In addition to needing intellectual power, a little action in the game also makes you much more enjoyable. Let’s go with Smith through the screen with extremely balanced enemies. Action-packed obstacles and puzzles will be experienced in turn. Bright gems will be found in your creative intellectual journey!

Brain Test 3 android

The game, with the spirit of intellectual challenge and thinking ability, is beautiful to players. Moments of analysis and brain manipulation are at their best. Will you be brave enough to use your wisdom in this game? This is an opportunity for you to self-assess the capacity of your brain. Download Brain Test 3 mod to prove your intellectual strength through each puzzle and conundrum.

How to Download & Install Brain Test 3 MOD APK (Unlimited hints) for Android


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