Boxing Gym Story MOD APK 1.3.0 (Unlimited money, points)

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NameBoxing Gym Story APK
PublisherKairosoft Co.,Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, points
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The boxing ring is an extremely vibrant place with professional boxers. They have only one goal, which is to defeat the opponent and win. In the arena of Boxing Gym Story, no matter how strong the opponent is. Just practice hard and you are almost certain to win. Put on gloves and punch the guy standing in front of you shriveled and can’t stand up. Show him what it’s like to be a professional boxer of the world.

Those who are passionate about boxing and pixel games, come here. Super product Boxing Gym Story has been put on the phone to serve your needs. No need to go to the gym for exhausting workouts. Just open your phone to download Boxing Gym Story and start enjoying. A gym that specializes in training championship boxing seeds. Start creating legendary fighters to challenge the world. Not just a match, but a process to prepare well for yourself. Gives you a feel for what it’s like to train martial artists. What it takes to be able to make the most solid wall.

Boxing Gym Story mod free

Download Boxing Gym Story mod – Train legendary boxers

You are the owner of a boxing gym with a lot of experience. Get talented young boxers and start training them into real fighters. They will stay faithful to your extreme diet and workouts. Persevering to the last minute will be the premise to reach the pinnacle of glory. There is no victory without its own price. Surely the boxers after coming out of the training camp will become extremely brave. Defeat the biggest guys in the arena of fame. Beautify your gym and turn it into a place of immense prestige and trust by many people.

Boxing Gym Story mod download

Step onto the ring

The arena is the battlefield and the battlefield is the place for the warriors to confront each other. Get your students on the floor and start demonstrating the techniques they’ve learned. Shows how well trained and professional he is. Let’s see if his determination yields a well-deserved victory for himself. Before an opponent no less must do what to be able to find his loopholes. Take advantage of that to create a style suitable for each person. His stats will show if your man is capable of defeating him or not. Don’t choose opponents you can’t handle. That would lead to a tragedy.

Boxing Gym Story mod apk

Unleash your potential

Young punchers are rough diamonds that have not been carefully honed. Through your hands, they will certainly become extremely sharp and different. You can check his stats to see his abilities. Rely on that to start getting him into a certain framework. Start from basic to advanced exercises to build strength. You are an experienced person, please convey to your students the most valuable things. Bring them the quintessence of professional boxing. Increase strength in both attack, defense, speed, and other factors. Workout results will show up on those numbers. Use here to decide your student’s future.

Boxing Gym Story mod android

Choose weight class

The boxers who hit the floor are counted in different weight classes. To be able to participate in a match, you must control the required weight class. Adjust the training regimen to be able to lose or gain weight of the boxer. Gain and lose weight but strength must always be kept to the maximum. Avoid the situation where your people are weak and can’t fight anymore. Don’t let unfortunate defeats happen when you meet people who are too terrible. Different levels will be presented to you. Discover all the great things that Boxing Gym Story has to offer players. Fierce matches are always the highlight of your technique.

Boxing Gym Story mod apk free

When your gladiators succeed in their careers then of course you will become famous. Potential customers will come to you to train them. But that’s not enough because you need more people. Organize promotional activities for your gym. Stop all the various tricks to promote the product such as free candy when you sign up. Boxing Gym Story mod will allow you to customize many different features. Do cool activities that you can’t imagine. Your training furnace is the place to train the best warriors of the arena. Don’t waste your young talents, help them realize their dreams.

Download Boxing Gym Story MOD APK (Unlimited money, points) for Android

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