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Updated 02/03/2024 (3 days ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Quran Majeed

The Quran has always been one of the most essential documents of Islam. And the Quran Majeed can help you in the process of studying this material. This application allows you to learn the Quran from the most basic steps. It’s like learning a new language. We will have to learn the alphabet, how to read, how to write, and essential rules. Regardless of religion, the Qur’an is always appreciated for its difficulty to learn and its detail in intonation when reading. So, for example, suppose you are serious and want to learn more about Islam. So the first thing is to approach the Quran through the Quran Majeed.

Quran Majeed has full language versions so that any country can learn. You will be fully guided through each step, from the basic to the most complex, because it’s no different from a natural language learning app. You will probably be able to reach and follow the instructions easily. But there are still a lot of principles that are more complicated when it comes to going inside. However, they are not created to prevent you from learning the Quran. All are necessary for you to understand the content of the Qur’an in the most basic and complete way.

Quran Majeed mod

Download Quran Majeed mod – Learn about the most famous Islamic material

The interface of the Quran Majeed has a lot of Arabic letters everywhere. Easy to understand because the Qur’an is derived from this complex language. But that doesn’t mean you need to learn Arabic to read this Islamic material. They have very distinct rules that you will notice when approached over a long period of time. Along with that are many tools for you to learn the most basic steps. The first step is the foundation on which to decide the outcome later. If you can perform well from the beginning, then maybe this is something you love and are gifted with. The journey will be very long with many factors ahead to get used to. Let’s start now.

Quran Majeed mod apk

Understand the content of the document

A basic alphabet will be the first thing you have to learn. From how to read to how to write, you must memorize to be able to read the Qur’an fluently. You can learn more examples directly from the Quran. Find random passages to read and understand their meaning. Change the font and size for the best viewing experience. Use the virtual pen to mark important places that you need to remember. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as you study, you’ll get answers and provide essential new knowledge later.

Quran Majeed mod apk free

Simple search and translation

You want to find important places you forgot to mark inside the document. But because the Qur’an is too long to be searched in a short time. Don’t worry because there is an instant search feature. Just write down the word you memorize. All lines containing that word will appear. Discard the results with other letters to find the exact location you want. Or, when you need to translate passages that are too difficult to understand, use a translation tool. There are all kinds of languages ​​for you to understand its most basic content when solving.

Quran Majeed mod free

Other important tools

Accompanying the Quranic material are many Islamic-related tools. If you are part of Islam, it will feel very familiar and know how to use them immediately. First of all, the worldwide prayer clock. There are essential Muslim-specific alarm options for you to set. Next is the Qibla Compass. This is what is used to find the Qibla direction for Salat. It works like a normal compass with a slightly altered mechanism. Finally, the list of famous Quran reciters in the world.

Quran Majeed free

Accessing and learning about the Qur’an will be much simpler and less time-consuming with Quran Majeed. Fundamentally learn the material and know-how to use particular tools in Islam. Quran Majeed mod helps you know about the religious culture of the Middle East with complete information.

How to Download & Install Quran Majeed MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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