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Updated 03/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameBlockSite APK
MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK BlockSite

When using the internet, many things cause distractions or distractions. But BlockSite can prevent all of this in the best way. Proceed to disable all factors that may cause interruptions to your usage. Create a private environment to manage and control work easily. No more worrying about manually turning off things that make you feel angry.

To improve everyone’s productivity, BlockSite was created with that mission in mind. Help anyone can control all their activities. Improve the use of websites and satisfy all users. With just a few simple steps, you can create your privacy. Suitable for people who hate disruption from different sources. Now nothing is stopping you from doing what you’re about to do.

BlockSite mod

Download BlockSite mod – Stop all nasty things

In the working process of each person will need absolute concentration to improve productivity. But working in the internet environment always has distractions. Even when you don’t have any need or activation, it still shows up for advertising. Fortunately, you now have BlockSite effectively supporting you. It helps you regain autonomy and control of your time. Block all the distractions you hate the most. All will need to be done with a few simple taps. Moreover, you can interact with more elements around you instead of just being attracted to things that waste time.

Full focus

With standard browsers, we can hardly block websites that constantly appear to advertise. But with BlockSite, it is different, and it will give you the privilege of securing all that. What you need to do is add them to the options block list. You will find them never again dare to show up to disturb work again. It helps you work harder and pay more attention to what you’re doing. Even if you try to access these websites while using them, it will be useless. You will even be teased by the funny images that the development team installs. It is a very effective method that everyone should use.

BlockSite mod free


In work, time is precious and directly affects the results. Therefore, we need to have a specific plan for each different part. BlockSite will help you timers to control the time to do the work in a better way. Allocate each time you need to do and proceed with the settings in the settings. Every time I start or finish something, the notification will sound like an alarm. That’s when you’ll know what you need to do next. Become a whole new person with precision at work. Don’t forget to take breaks to clear your mind and de-stress.

Block adult content

Adult content often causes a lot of psychological problems for us. It makes people feel offensive and highly uncomfortable when constantly appearing to advertise. But with BlockSite, this is not a big problem. If websites can be blocked, so can this content. All pornographic sites that appear can be quickly blocklisted. Make sure they never appear in any other way again. From websites to pornographic ads are removed, and you are in complete control of your device. Never allow such evils to appear.

BlockSite mod apk

Set a schedule

A specific schedule will help you have a more detailed and practical direction. You can completely set up plans to do with BlockSite’s feature. From things to do to routines that can be done every day. This will be arranged by you so that it is most suitable and simple. If you feel anything is not satisfactory, you can adjust it properly. The system will give you reminder messages every time you arrive at an event. Don’t miss anything that interests you while working. Set the date and time to access the websites or applications you want.

That’s all that BlockSite mod can do for you with its absolute efficiency. Say goodbye to distractions and easily conquer difficulties at work. Creates absolute precision and focus for those who want to change themselves.

How to Download & Install BlockSite MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android


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