Calendar Widget: Month/Agenda MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 6.80

Updated 12/02/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameCalendar Widget: Month/Agenda APK
PublisherMilan Sillik
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Calendar Widget: Month/Agenda

The calendar has always been a valuable tool for people regardless of age. With Calendar Widget, you will have a perfect calendar according to your wishes. Design a blueprint yourself to create a better work schedule. Customize everything to make it more luxurious and eye-catching than ever. Make your device a critical place to keep track of your work. Unleash your creativity and make boring things interesting.

Calendar Widget is an app created for people who love customization. It is straightforward to use for any object. Help create a particular sequence of plans so that users do not forget what to do. It has a spare capacity, is friendly to devices, and does not consume Ram. Help create an engaging style for your device. Never get bored looking at calendars.

Calendar Widget mod

Download Calendar Widget mod – Make a perfect calendar

A calendar is always an excellent solution to keep track of essential tasks. But on devices, there will not be as many calendars as you want. Just opening the app up and searching is exceptionally time-consuming. It has a considerable impact on the work you’re doing. Use the Calendar Widget app instead to improve this. Allow the app to be drawn to your screen, so it does its job. Create a timetable and display it as a small frame on your screen. Easy to set up and see the tasks that you will have to perform every day.

Extremely elegant

Calendar Widget will not make you feel that it is complicated and cumbersome. Instead, it blends seamlessly across your device’s screen. Create a square in the middle of a particular corner and do not take up too much space. Furthermore, it can be easily resized to fit the user’s intent. Smartly arrange everything yourself so that it looks best and is easiest to visualize. The screen colors can be adjusted more contrast to match the calendar. Make the calendar a part of your phone screen without having to find and open the app. Both convenient and aesthetic, it will surely make everyone satisfied.

Calendar Widget mod free

Typical calendar style

This application will be divided into two main types of calendars: monthly calendar and schedule. The monthly calendar will be like a regular calendar consisting of different cells that are logically separated. It makes it easy to look up the date through the notes above. The monthly calendar can also mark important events for you. From holidays, holidays to birthday parties can take place. The schedule will be the tasks that you are about to do in a particular time slot. Take, for example, a two-hour flight to New York. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner at a specific restaurant for about an hour.

Build reminders

Sometimes you can’t remember all the things you’re about to get done. So Calendar Widget will do this vital job for you in the most efficient way. Make a note of all the essential tasks in the option to create a new reminder. Then fill in all the exact dates, months, and times that you need to notify. Then save and wait for the right moment. The system will automatically give a reminder. This will happen very quickly and without any minor errors. Please note the installation at the right time you need to avoid unfortunate mistakes. You will always complete the task you have chosen.

Calendar Widget mod apk

Flexible customization

You can customize this calendar in different ways in the settings. It will include creating favorite color versions for the widget. From blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, brown, along with a few other colors that match your personality. Not only can it be changed once, but even many times. You can set the color to change according to the date to make the calendar unique every time you look at it. For example, today it is red, tomorrow it will be green and then yellow, … It is also possible to change the color by month so as not to become too new. You can also change the color of the icons in the calendar to create variety. Customize the font size so that the calendar is displayed.

Although it is just a relatively simple application, the Calendar Widget mod can bring many utilities to users. It is a perfect tool to make your work more precise. Never be afraid to miss anything essential and make the device more aesthetically pleasing.

How to Download & Install Calendar Widget: Month/Agenda MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android


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