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Updated 23/05/2021 (3 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Blade&Soul Revolution

In 1 year since the launch of one of the most interesting Korean MMORPG games in the world. Blade&Soul Revolution, a popular online role-playing game that stands out in many countries. Journey to become the strongest warrior in the mythical world. Role-play into different professions, especially with the latest Assassin’s entry. Create your own story with teammates. Aim to show the power of your favorite race. Come on, let’s stand up and fight in this fascinating and dramatic multi-racial world.

Blade&Soul Revolution is a story filled with hatred and chaos. You will be able to choose your favorite character. Trained in combat skills under the guidance of a respected master. However, the master was brutally murdered by Jinsoyun. A dangerous entity and also the main antagonist of the game. With all his hatred and fighting skills. You will enter a journey of revenge and upgrade your power. To defeat the deadliest enemy and bring peace to the ancient world.

BS Revolution mod free

Download Blade&Soul Ravolution – The War of Skill and Hatred

Get to choose your favorite character. You will be free to fight under any appearance you like. Adventure in fantasy worlds and quests to resolve conflicts and protect the world. Above all, a journey of revenge for his special teacher. Importantly, Blade&Soul Revolution is adapted from a similar game on PC. Although there are many special changes and is considered a separate part. The manipulation, movement, and combat in the game will be optimized in the most reasonable way on the smartphone screen. From the moving Joysticks, skill buttons, the interface is suitable for an attractive Mobile game.

The most special are the character’s damage skills, large open areas, and worlds. The numerous NPCs and many side stories are equally special. You can do whatever you like. From doing tasks, entertainment, reading stories and novels. There are also CGI movies and extremely attractive cutscenes. A large world where the characters can meet at any time. Gather your friends to fight and much more.

BS Revolution mod apk

Special battle mode

The fighting methods of the warriors were completely different. Depends on the class you choose and the branches of that class. Feel free to choose between dozens of different classes such as Blade Master, Summoner, Blade Dancer, Gunslinger… Possessing different technologies and magical and spiritual powers. The attraction and variety in this Blade&Soul world are undisputed. In addition to pure strength, they also use a variety of weapons, spells, and companions to suit their peculiarities. More specifically, it is branching many plots into directions that are not so important but extremely attractive.

BS Revolution mod mod

Adventure in the open world

The size of the map in Blade&Soul Revolution is huge. With separate villages and countries. The characteristics of culture, mythology, and strength of those countries are also shown most clearly. Prominent is making Eastern culture occupy a certain influence and most prominent in the game. Temples, shrines, martial arts arenas, villages appear everywhere. It is indispensable for NPCs with their own storyline and depth to make them unique and interesting. Let’s move everywhere whenever you have free time. To see a world of great scale and stories await.

BS Revolution free

Combat, PvP, and bosses

The most important thing is definitely fighting in the role-playing game. The extras to the mission are heavy fighting and improving your skills corresponding to each level. The bosses are also divided into levels and have a unique difficulty. In addition, there is a vibrant PvP mode, where you can compare your skills and show your level before other players. Make friends with anyone in the world. Explore and explore the caves and alleys of the entire game together. Become the hero and destroy the most powerful beings.

BS Revolution mod

The peaceful and chaotic world that is merged into one in Blade&Soul Revolution is really worth it for gamers to experience for a long time. The way the characters are designed, in combat and missions, the plot is linear. But achieved certain success by the popularity and prominence of the game on PC. However, they still capture the attraction and attraction of a large number of fans around the world. If you are among them. Surely it will not be possible to ignore Blade&Soul Revolution mod, right?

How to Download & Install Blade&Soul Revolution APK for Android


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