Death Park MOD APK (God mode, Unlocked/Free Shopping) 2.0.6

Updated 15/05/2024 (5 days ago)
NameDeath Park APK
PublisherEuphoria Horror Games
MOD FeaturesGod mode, Unlocked/Free Shopping
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Death Park MOD APK detail?
  • V1: God mode.
  • V2: Unlocked/Free Shopping.
  • V3:
  1. Unlimited money
  2. Unlimited hint
  3. Remove the clown from the game on the in-game pause screen

Introduce MOD APK Death Park

If you are looking for a game to challenge your courage and satisfy your curiosity, Death Park MOD APK (God mode, Unlocked/Free Shopping) is not a bad choice for you. Developed by producer Euphoria Horror Games which is famous for the action-adventure game field. Death Park is elaborated by the producer very meticulously in terms of visuals and gameplay. The game is a world full of mystery and danger with evil dominating. You need to take advantage of intelligence and situation analysis to overcome the challenges of the game. You will be chased by an evil clown and have to find ways to get rid of him.

Death Park APK mod is set in a giant abandoned amusement park. The ruler of that dark land is the evil clown, a very famous character in the movie The Ghost Clown. The game also has a lot of places that need you to explore. Your job is to overcome challenges and puzzles arranged by the clown to get rid of him. The game is a combination of challenging puzzles and dramatic chases. The game will take you to explore the dark and mysterious land. Please overcome all difficulties to prove your bravery and courage!

Death Park mod apk

Download Death Park mod – Challenge your courage

Death Park APK 2.0.6 is a puzzle game combined with survival. Starting the game you will wake up in a room in the park. The room where you wake up is the beginning of a series of missions of discovery and survival. You need to collect pieces of material or tools to solve the tasks of the game. The whole goal of the game is to escape the evil clown and the dark park. Don’t make loud noises while exploring. You need to be truly awake in the dark. The wicked clown will probably hear noises you make and attack you.

Attractive plot

The game is developed based on the famous novel called The Ghost Clown. The plot of the game is also inspired by the novel but is changed by the game developers to make it easier for players to understand. Death Park MOD APK is an open-ended game. You will have many ways to end the game. Each step or task will bring up no duplication of choices. Each decision will lead to a different ending. Play it over and over again as you won’t be able to explore the entire game in one go.

Death Park mod free

Attractive survival game mode

Death Park with extremely charismatic survival gameplay. You will begin your journey of hiding and seek the evil clown in a large park. The game with many scary scenes such as an abandoned hospital, a maze in a circus, a dark basement, and ruined houses. All will give you a very dramatic experience. At each location in the giant park, you need to collect tools to aid in the exploration and escape process. All quests will have a relationship with the items you collect. Try to think about how to use those items properly.

Death Park mod

Challenging missions

The tasks will be in order. You need to complete each section to go to new places. Once you get caught by the clown, you’ll have to start over on missions from scratch. You can avoid getting caught and start over again by saving passes at certain points on the map. While exploring, you need to pay attention to take advantage of the terrain to hide from the clown. Try to keep quiet and avoid making loud noises. The clown could hear it and immediately went to the source of the sound. You can only run and hide, and attacking the clown back is a very foolish thing.

Death Park mod download

Death Park has many missions from simple to complex. The missions will not show up in steps, but they will show up on challenges that you need to overcome in order to escape. You won’t be able to hide in the same place forever. In this giant park, there are only you and that ghostly clown. No one will guide you or show you how to get out. All must rely on judgment, thinking and a courageous heart. The clown has mental problems, but he is also an intelligent guy. In the game, he will show the problems and you are the solver.

Death Park mod android

Death Park promises to bring players a very interesting experience. The game with creepy and mysterious scenery will challenge the courage of each gamer. Download the Death Park mod and explore a world full of dangers. Together overcoming all the pitfalls of the evil clown and challenge your own courage.

How to Download & Install Death Park MOD APK (God mode, Unlocked/Free Shopping) for Android


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