Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution MOD APK 1.93 (Menu/Unlimited money/God mode)

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NameBlade Bouncer 2: Revolution APK
PublisherThree Swords Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money/God mode
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  • V1: Menu/Unlimited money
  • V2: Immortal

Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution’s spins create an extremely tense and exciting fight. Become a professional player with the best control techniques in the world. Not only that, what you learn will become an experience worth using. Enemies with evil plots are trying to win important things. Only you can turn the tide and make a breakthrough in the arenas. Don’t be afraid to use your skills to become a winner. Nothing is impossible if that effort can reach its limit.

Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution is designed based on the top-rated gyro game in the world. From simple to complex, create movies and toys that attract young people. It’s simply collisions, but it has an undeniable attraction. The movements are realistically simulated under sharp 3D graphics. Makes it easy to make the difference you need in your life. It will probably be even better than boring real-life matches. Here, everything on the field will be decided by the player. So put your opponent to shame.

Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution mod

Download Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution mod – Fight and bring glory

Our young people have an endless passion for powerful spinning tops. You will also own yourself such a talented companion. In the game, controlling the gyro is relatively simple because it has been optimized for the best. You can use the virtual joystick to guide your gyro. Use the attack button to increase your spinner’s spin. When colliding with an opponent will deal damage and subtract from the HP bar. The spinner that runs out of HP first will stop spinning and be sent flying off the field. A relatively simple game rule but can be implemented in the best way. When you stop, you have admitted defeat yourself.

Story mode

In the plot, we need to have a connection between events and levels. Meet people who will be with you on your arduous journey. Don’t forget the mysterious enemy forces that always want to manipulate this spinning world. They can create great disasters to take over world domination. You will stop them by defeating the minions of these forces in turn. Then it will be confronting the hidden power boss waiting in the back. But we cannot forever use a weak gyroscope to accomplish the purpose. Your strength also needs to be gradually increased through each level.

Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution mod free

Customize the gyro

Your gyroscope is made up of many different parts from top to bottom. These parts ensure that the gyro’s movement is constant and robust. These components can easily be replaced by others flexibly. New members can be found by completing complex challenges. It is also possible to find rarer things in the wheel of fortune. There are many ways that you can create your complete gyro. Parts can be freely combined without limitation. Players will thus develop their creativity in the many great battles that will later be involved.

Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution mod apk

Talent Unlock

Your gyro will possess particular talents to give you an extra advantage in matches. This talent will include many passive skills that the spinner can activate. You need to take the gyro itself to a higher level to unlock talent points. From there can open a lot quicker in the tree of talent and selection. We can delve into these and distribute the issues accordingly. You can build it according to the type of combat or defense you want. The more talent points you open, the more advantage you have over your opponents. Quick and perfect victory against essential matches.

Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution mod android

PvP mode

Indeed, playing against AI ​​always creates dull moments because they are so predictable. But with other players, you will need to be extremely careful. Everyone will develop for themselves a most effective playing method. So you need to be very careful when starting to fight a random person in front of you. They can put you at a disadvantage quickly. Words can make your victory more difficult in many ways. But when we fail, we will have ways to correct the mistake. Nothing is over when you are in Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution mod.

Download Blade Bouncer 2: Revolution MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money/God mode) for Android

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