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Updated 13/06/2024 (1 week ago)
NameBikeComputer Pro APK
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SupportAndroid 4.0.3+
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Introduce MOD APK BikeComputer Pro

This application will be essential when you travel by bike, and it is BikeComputer Pro MOD APK (). The upgraded version of the application of the same name has many new upgrades and improvements. Cycling for a long distance is quite an enjoyable experience for many people. Both are suitable for health and discover many new journeys. BikeComputer Pro can be considered a location-specific application for bicycles. Identify the location of any location. Then, measure the specific time it takes to get there at the average bike speed. Then, start grabbing your bike and go on a new journey.

With just a bicycle you can go anywhere. The above statement is not an exaggeration when you have BikeComputer Pro APK mod on your smartphone. Having an exact number of measuring your path will be more secure and easier to estimate. Moreover, BikeComputer Pro has several functions to ensure your body condition is stable. Start this app before each of your cycling journeys. Update destination and specific time to get everything ready. There are many other factors, such as terrain, that will determine the quality of your trip.

BikeComputer Pro mod

Download BikeComputer Pro mod – Accompany you on every bike ride

BikeComputer Pro APK 9.0.3-Google-Play must contain a worldwide map for you to start your journey with. Turn on GPS navigation first to update your exact location. Then there are the possible distances to reach the journey’s end. After everything is done, start getting in the car and go. While driving, the system of BikeComputer Pro will measure your internal body parameters. Specifically, it is the heart rate and how many calories are burned. BikeComputer Pro also counts distances to know where you are on the map. Occasionally there will be a few breaks for you to stop and recharge. So don’t try too hard to ignore them.

BikeComputer Pro mod apk

Flexible route change

Not every journey is smooth, especially in rugged terrains such as hills or mountain passes. However, it is tough to accelerate or even continue the journey. At this time, BikeComputer Pro MOD APK will support finding a new, more suitable path. The new path may be longer, but at least it will help you reach your destination without leaving the journey. The new route will override the old way. And it would help if you did not worry about the constantly changing parameters. So they will add up and still give you the final number.

BikeComputer Pro mod apk free

Measure important parameters

We’ve talked about your heart rate and distance while on the go. In addition, BikeComputer Pro also has many other scales related to the surrounding environment. These can include measuring the bike’s current speed and measuring the specific altitude at your actual location. Numbers do nothing but change. Environment-based BikeComputer Pro can also measure air temperature, pressure and humidity. Do you think they are useless? Not exactly. These parameters will help you determine the weather relatively. Then there is a decision to make the journey or not.

BikeComputer Pro mod free

Combine with other devices

To keep you safe without having to hold your phone during your trip. BikeComputer Pro supports linking with intelligent devices. One of them is a convenient smartwatch to wear on the hand. When linked to a smartwatch, it will display basic parameters. That’s your current speed, heart rate, and distance. You can decide what appears on the watch. This increases convenience and prevents you from using your smartphone while cycling.

BikeComputer Pro free

Start your journey with everything prepared. Measure various body and environmental parameters to ensure a safe cycling ride. BikeComputer Pro mod has confirmed that it is entirely suitable for adventurers.

How to Download & Install BikeComputer Pro APK for Android


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