Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 3.0.1

Updated 25/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameTabata Timer and HIIT Timer APK
PublisherParabolic River
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
SupportAndroid 9.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer MOD APK is a specialized timer program for individuals who love and want to pursue physical training to improve their health. It offers many different timer features to ensure it meets the needs of most users. At the same time, integrating many additional features and supporting users’ physical training or weight loss goes smoothly.

Counting down the time of each exercise stage is seemingly simple, but it can cause many discomfort and disadvantages if not used properly. So, instead of counting down manually, let Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer do this for the user. The type of exercise that this application supports seems to have no limit; any activity the user wants to do can be scheduled here. Users can use Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer to count down time from HIIT, Tabata, jogging, kettlebells, weight lifting, yoga, cardio, and cycling.

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Download Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer MOD APK – Put your training into a straightforward routine

This application is designed to help users always have the most effective workout sessions. Therefore, it allows automating the training process, allowing users to conduct each exercise most naturally and comfortably. There is no need to worry about time issues; Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer divide each period in an activity and help users manage them optimally. From practice time, recovery time, rest time, to stretching time. This application automatically determines all; the user’s job is to choose the exercise they will perform. Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer will not force users to constantly monitor the clock to determine the time. Instead, they transition smoothly from one stage to another of a workout session.

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Customize time and set background music

With many different timer modes, Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer allow users to customize time. It helps each find a practice time that suits their ability and schedule. Each period will be based on the number of exercises and the user’s ability. The system will automatically suggest an appropriate time after the user has finished selecting their activity, but the user can completely edit it. The user will also decide the number of repetitions to create comfort and freedom, helping users not feel pressured when practicing. Not only that, Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer also allow individuals to freely choose background music and use favorite songs for training sessions. Make every workout or weight loss session always full of excitement and energy.

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Fully record all training data

Instead of simply counting the time, Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer integrate with Google Fit to record all data during the user’s exercise process. First, the software will automatically record each period: when the user starts, rests, and switches to another exercise. It helps individuals effectively track their workouts without having to enter them manually. Besides time data, Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer MOD APK also act as health assistants that can accurately calculate the number of calories the user has consumed and heart rate during exercise. Thus, users will be able to exercise while monitoring their health status. Make sure your training is adequate but not beyond your ability.

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Color-coded display and voice support

Each phase and each exercise in Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer will require a different workout intensity. Therefore, for users to understand when to use a lot of force and when to relax a little, this application has brought the ability to display color codes very uniquely. Specifically, for heavy exercises that require a lot of physical strength, the screen will display dark colors such as orange, red, and brown. As for gentle movements, stretching, or relaxation, the net will display lighter colors, such as blue or green. Not only that, Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer also support voice, automatically reading out each period in the exercise so users don’t have to look down at the countdown timer continuously. They are bringing users convenience with nothing to complain about.

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer mod

Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer MOD APK is a practical and multi-featured countdown application that helps users quickly determine each appropriate training time, practice happily with their favorite music, and promptly track performance and personal progress.

How to Download & Install Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) for Android


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