Agent A: A puzzle in disguise APK 5.5.0

Updated 04/10/2023 (5 months ago)
NameAgent A: A puzzle in disguise APK
PublisherYak & Co
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

You must have seen legendary spies in movies. They are people with high-class skills to carry out missions. Well-trained to survive in any worst-case scenario. With Agent A: A puzzle in disguise, the job will be similar to that in the movie. Break into the enemy’s lair, unlock what’s hidden inside. It’s so stealthy and careful that they don’t even realize that someone has just entered their house to get something.

For games of the puzzle genre, players will be challenged with their intelligence. Overcome thousands of obstacles to reach the destination. But Agent A: A puzzle in disguise is more than that. The game also simulates for you a feeling like you are on a mission. Bringing a sense of technology ahead of its time is hidden everywhere. Players will be able to see things that have never been seen before. Do you have the courage and ingenuity to get out of the trap? Become an all-time top-class spy for the organization? It all depends on your real capacity in practice.

Agent A A puzzle in disguise mod apk

Download Agent A: A puzzle in disguise – Disrupt the evil woman’s conspiracy

You are trapped in the room of an evil weapon boss. She has a very sinister plot that can swallow the world. get out of this room and destroy her plan by the way. Smash the evil desires of those rich, power-hungry people. Let your agent successfully complete what the superior has entrusted. Decode the mysteries that the game offers to be able to progress deeper into the secret headquarters. Explore hidden rooms with your ingenious tricks. Interact with modern systems and make them stop working. Your knowledge is never the limit.

Agent A A puzzle in disguise mod download

Evil woman

An evil woman named Ruby La Rouge is the mastermind behind this plan. If she succeeds, the world will fall into chaos. Spy organizations are unlikely to survive. I Gotta stop her now before it’s too late. Can’t let her get what she wants easily. Would a smart person like you give in to another woman? Never, you are the best spy and the most experienced. Defeating her is only a matter of time for you. Her traps are easily seen by you with the eyes of an expert. Overcoming deadly trials to give her a proper lesson.

Agent A A puzzle in disguise mod apk free

Useful tools

To overcome the challenges of this game, you must find the things that unlock these secrets. These tools will be spread throughout different parts of this luxury villa. You can notice and easily collect them with small but useful tips. With objects such as keys, microchips, chisels,… There will be their own effects on the journey. Can unlock rooms containing her secret documents. Break the house’s electrical system or even hack into the server to hack data. Make the most of what you already have at hand to freely roam the enemy base.

Agent A A puzzle in disguise mod free

Unpleasant obstacles

To get to the server’s location you need to get through the security system. This system has the function of detecting and destroying intruders. But just disable this system and you can go in and out. For you, turning this off is extremely simple and easy. Just a few simple but extremely effective tricks will help you. From the knowledge that you have been taught, you will get the structure and how to turn off the defense system. Using the tools you’ve already found, dig into where the plan might be, and start working on it. Surprise the evil businesswoman with your abilities.

Agent A A puzzle in disguise mod android

You are a human who has done hundreds of tasks that can be considered the most impossible. These challenges you cannot ignore because of their attractiveness. Experience dozens of different technologies found in this mansion. Defeat it with his superhuman sharpness and intelligence. Show off the abilities of a high-ranking agent in Agent A: A puzzle in disguise mod. Her plots will gradually be revealed in parts of the story. Are you taking advantage or is she toying with you? Don’t allow yourself to lose to an evil-minded person. Successfully complete your mission and get out of there as quickly as possible.

How to Download & Install Agent A: A puzzle in disguise APK for Android


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