Battle Rivals MOD APK (Menu, Map hack/Speed, Range) 1.3.0

Updated 07/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameBattle Rivals APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Map hack/Speed, Range
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Battle Rivals

MOBA games like Arena of Valor or Mobile Legends are making you bored? So why not try Battle Rivals a bit to change your mind. Enter the glorious arena and fight with your warriors with skill. Defeat powerful opponents to destroy all their buildings. Conquer the terrifying monsters that lurk around the forests. Win and grow through fierce battles.

Battle Rivals is also built purely on real-time combat gameplay like many other games. But it will have some differences in the gameplay to create its own characteristics. The notification sound of the system carries the sound of modernity. Graphics are also well done with realistic colors. The interface is also designed to be simple and easy to operate for everyone—experience for yourself to have a broader view of this top-notch strategy game.

Battle Rivals mod free

Download Battle Rivals mod – Master the arena with your own skills

If you have never tried this game genre, follow the instructions. The system will help you understand how to move to use skills. You will be matched with random teammates on the server. Choose a hero you love from the list to fight with you. Each hero will have three main skills and a self-activated passive. Use these skills to fight opponents and find a way to defeat them. When HP is reduced to 0, heroes will die. After a period of time, they will be revived at the altar and can continue to fight. Train and master your character to fight effectively.

This is a strategy game where a lot of fighting will not bring victory. The most important thing is that you have to destroy the enemy’s towers. When the main turret is destroyed, then victory will be decided. Defeating your opponent is just adding more advantages to you. Be clear and thoughtful in your tactics.

Battle Rivals mod download

So many heroes

For warriors, strength is what creates their honor and bravery. Fighting will be a way for them to show it in front of others. Heroes will be divided into many roles, such as gunner, tank, mage, and gladiator. The gunner will have a long attack range and can continuously erode the enemy’s HP. Mage will have skills that deal magic damage to make the opponent take a lot of damage and adverse effects. Gladiators will take on the main combat role with serious melee damage. Finally, parry can absorb tons of damage to shield teammates. You can find yourself a role that suits your playstyle.

Auto chess mode

This is a fairly common mode added to MOBA games these days. In this mode of Battle Rivals, you will build your own army. By buying them in the selection boxes and placing them on the chessboard. Your heroes will fight their opponents on their own when it’s their turn. Upgrade these heroes to become stronger by matching two of the same to increase stars. Heroes with high rarity will have abilities and stats that surpass normal ones. To find heroes with similar qualities will also rely a lot on luck. The team that survives to the end will win and receive valuable rewards.

Battle Rivals mod apk

Join events

Events are created to increase interaction with players and attractive incentives. By creating these events, you can participate in attractive game modes. Buy hero skins at a lower price than usual. Get many new unique items and heroes as soon as possible. Participating in events will enrich your account quickly. Have a lot of good options when fighting, so you don’t get bored. Lots of exciting events are held every week for you to participate in. Don’t miss it, or you will regret losing the opportunity to own these wonderful things.

Battle Rivals mod android

To make your heroes stronger in matches, upgrade them. This is a great feature that helps you take advantage of the matches. Each time you reach a higher level, the basic attributes are increased accordingly. Help heroes fight more effectively and stronger. Defeat enemies easily and especially those with lower levels than you. However, skills will also greatly affect character control. So play and draw your own combat experience in Battle Rivals.

How to Download & Install Battle Rivals MOD APK (Menu, Map hack/Speed, Range) for Android


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