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Updated on 12/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameiMarkup APK
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MOD FeaturesPremium unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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When we need to store something, we will use a smartphone to capture it. And to make the information more transparent and recognizable, we will use iMarkup. People using smartphones will search for information almost every day. The most common action when we want to save information is to take a picture of it. However, there are a small number of cases where the information inside the photo is too much. Not all of them are necessary, and you are just focusing on specific points. That’s when you’ll want iMarkup’s help.

iMarkup gives users the ability to mark important points or locations in an image. This is undoubtedly in the service of focusing on the information you need to know in that photo. It’s not just about circling the tip. The ways to highlight information in a picture by iMarkup are much more varied than that. We have more than one tool to make it easier to identify data in an image. Anyone looking at it will immediately understand what information they need to capture.

iMarkup mod

Download iMarkup mod – Highlight information in your photos

In essence, iMarkup is like many photo editing applications. Because it has many tools to help, us change or adjust elements in an image. However, this purpose is to highlight the information contained in the photo. So the way to use the tools may be a little different. Anyway, how to use them is very easy and only takes a few tweaks to master. iMarkup will prioritize notifications on smartphones, photos, browsers or maps. Those are the things that this application will mark. All of these are very informative tools. If they are not kept, it is difficult for you to capture them accurately.

iMarkup mod apk

Highlight what’s important

This is the first feature iMarkup has. We will use tools to highlight information in any photo. Choose between various tools such as brushes and erasers to highlight the information you want to note. Additional notes can be added by adding characters to the image. Everything doesn’t need to be too complicated and just a few simple keywords. Because you are the one who witnessed the information yourself, one thing is for sure you will have information about them. Just a little impact like the signs will help you remember right away.

iMarkup mod apk free

Save location on a map

Searching with GPS maps is one of the most popular. Sometimes without it, you can get lost. Then to make the position you need to be more visible, use iMarkup. Mark the places you go to a lot on the map. They will be there and never go away. Access the map and track the appropriate distance when you need to go somewhere.

iMarkup mod free

Multitasking security and photography

Besides prioritizing outstanding information for users, iMarkup also aims at the security and safety of such information. You’ll know that notifications you haven’t seen will be dimmed. No one next to you can read them when using a smartphone. iMarkup also integrates another additional function. It takes many pictures simultaneously in many places on the screen. It helps you capture discrete messages or pieces of information that are not next to each other. An excellent way to save operations and save a more recognizable report. Because there is only the content of that information, when you look at it, you will immediately grasp it.

iMarkup free

No more repeating missing and forgotten information. Now all have been compiled and highlighted by iMarkup. If you have a lot of information that needs to be absorbed in a short time or want to keep it private, iMarkup mod is just what you need.

Download iMarkup MOD APK (Premium unlocked) for Android

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