Battery 100% Alarm MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 3.1.21

Updated on 26/06/2022 (9 months ago)
NameBattery 100% Alarm APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Pro
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Always let you know the phone charge is full for immediate withdrawal. Battery, 100% Alarm, prioritizes protecting device battery life. There must have been plenty of times when you plugged in your phone and went to do other things. You won’t notice when the phone is fully charged, you won’t notice, and the charger may still be plugged in there. You don’t realize if you don’t use it for a long time because there will be consequences later. Bottlenecks or battery drain will happen one day. You don’t want this to happen again? So let Battery 100% Alarm notify you when needed.

Battery 100% Alarm produced to attach to Android devices. Its goal is to keep your phone’s battery from draining and failing quickly. How does it do this, and is it complicated? One thing that is known is that it is straightforward and only takes a few short seconds. Please charge the battery until it is 100% full. There aren’t any announcements to help you realize that. Battery 100% Alarm will generate these notifications with clear signals. It only takes a few seconds for you to recognize and unplug your phone.

Battery 100 Alarm mod

Download Battery 100% Alarm mod – Instant notification when the battery is full

The 100% Alarm interface is a highly detailed phone battery analysis system inside the Battery. When downloading the application, it immediately reports the remaining battery life of your smartphone. Below is the remaining time we can use until the battery runs out. That number is just an average, so time it yourself as you use it usually. When the charger is plugged in, the Battery 100% Alarm will start calculating the charging time to complete. When the battery level has just reached 100%, the system begins to notify you. It can be an alarm clock or any random sound you like. As long as it helps you realize the phone is fully charged and promptly unplug the charger.

Battery 100 Alarm mod apk

Full battery information

First of all, information about the battery on your smartphone will be carefully analyzed by Battery 100% Alarm. From the battery level, when its maximum is how much. The current temperature of the battery and capacity in percentage, respectively. The technology that the battery is applied to will be checked and displayed by Battery 100% Alarm. See all these parameters, and you will know how your battery is in good condition. If its temperature is too high, give the smartphone a break before charging. Avoid the worst case to happen is to cause an explosion.

Battery 100 Alarm mod apk free

Set the alarm and do not disturb

Notifying when the battery is complete to pull it out in time is necessary. Nevertheless, the untimely notification will cause a particular annoyance. To not be disturbed while resting and in between sleep, turn on do not disturb mode on Battery 100% Alarm. You will set the time. Besides, there are also many ringtones to notify when the phone battery is full. Choose the bell you like and make you recognize the earliest. Mostly they are like alarm bells.

Battery 100 Alarm mod free

Change mode and language

Battery 100% Alarm supports the most popular languages ​​to use no matter where you come from. The most priority is still English suitable for all foreign language learners. One more function is to help users protect their eyes in the dark. Activate that function, Battery 100% Alarm changes the entire interface to black tones. The brightness will be lower, and make sure not to affect the eyes too much when used at night. Although the time is not much, it is still necessary to pay attention to protect your eyesight.

Battery 100 Alarm free

Know when your phone will be fully charged with a notification that couldn’t be clearer. Learn about essential battery parameters. Knowing how to use the battery does not affect the quality in the long run. Battery 100% Alarm mod does not protect or optimize your phone battery. But at least it will generate a signal, so you know when to save your battery.

Download Battery 100% Alarm MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) for Android

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