Basketball Club Story MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) 1.3.9

Updated 19/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameBasketball Club Story APK
PublisherKairosoft Co.,Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, items
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Basketball Club Story

This is the best basketball team management game in the world. Basketball Club Story MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) isn’t all about basketball games. The most important thing here is how you manage your team. This is exactly the game that best suits that need. Step by step, create a genius basketball team. Participate in the most famous tournaments in the world. Show that you are the best basketball manager. Can withstand the pressure of the media and tournaments. Their biggest ambition is to bring his young team step by step to the top of the world.

Have you ever dreamed of a team that owns all of your own basketball superstars? It is possible to bring that team to participate in many famous tournaments on all continents. Become famous for many lucrative contracts. No need to pay full attention to the matches, the main job is to manage and develop. If you’ve ever wanted to do that, then Basketball Club Story APK mod is definitely the perfect choice. This is not just a battle between basketball teams. It is also a fierce battle between the most talented managers. Just not meeting the skill requirements can be eliminated at any time.

Basketball Club Story mod

Download Basketball Club Story mod – Train the basketball team of the century

Starting from scratch, we have the most basic conditions to create our own club. From a small department with first people. Let’s create your first team full of members. They may all just be anonymous players, but that doesn’t matter. Join the first matches to reap certain successes. Until you reach the top, you will surely fail a lot. Do not be subjective because each failure will be closer to success. From there you will upgrade and unlock more advanced functions. Now let’s start conquering the challenges.

Although you do not have to control 100% of each match, you will make players’ decisions in serious situations. For example, using one player to pass the ball to another player. Or directing a certain player to dunk the basket and get points to gain an advantage. All will still adhere to a normal basketball game. Win or lose will be decided at the end of the match time. You will be added or deducted accumulated points for the results of the matches.

Basketball Club Story mod apk free

Important parts

Each department is an important element to grow your club as well as your basketball team. The indispensable offices such as the management board, the director’s room – a place for you, a special training ground for the players. Rest room and dormitory, canteen for professional players. All the players you sign will be entitled to those services. With training mode and special exercises. Developing a professional team will not be too difficult and time consuming. By upgrading all the parts with money, you can increase the size and quality of the club even more. Efforts to earn money to train for his team.

Basketball Club Story mod apk

Potential sponsors

It is indispensable for the silhouettes of sponsors in this game. For clubs, sponsors will be the effective rears to promote the team to the world. To attract more fans. At the same time, advertising contracts will be increasingly increased. The club’s profits are therefore increasingly generous. You will be able to see your team’s supporters during matches. His team billboards are everywhere. A great opportunity to help advance the players’ careers. Find opportunities to improve quality in a variety of matches.

Create a climax

Not just polishing his name to the whole world. A famous football team also needs to have a lot of great skills. For example, winning championships in many different tournaments. Even becoming a world champion at a very young age. It sounds unreal, but for Basketball Club Story APK 1.3.9, nothing is impossible. Completing the matches will help you get a lot of points. Use them to accumulate and get more rewards. When you win tournaments, you will receive a trophy typical of that tournament. Please actively train for your team to have the opportunity to touch the most glorious trophies.

Basketball Club Story mod free

Basketball Club Story MOD APK is a great journey for your basketball team. From a nameless amateur team, gradually step up to become the world’s top stars. This depends on the role of your primary manager. Every decision you make will affect the future of the team. The most absurd things can happen by players in Basketball Club Story mod.

How to Download & Install Basketball Club Story MOD APK (Unlimited money, items) for Android


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