Ballz MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money)

Updated 27/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameBallz APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Ballz

Ballz MOD APK allows you to relax while participating in exciting ball shooting levels. You will start missions using your ball to destroy bricks. They are built firmly connected, but there are also gaps between them. So you can shoot your balls into that gap and start the brick destruction process. The ball will collide with each brick and repeat until it explodes. And it would be best to use all the balls you have to make this process happen as quickly as possible. Prepare for shooting balls and destroying bricks with exciting, challenging levels.

Your task before the level of destroying the bricks is to slide your finger across the screen. This way, you can throw the balls towards the gaps in the bricks. Then, the levels will start, and you will see the collision between bricks and balls. Each time that happens, the number of bricks will decrease until you destroy them. So, the ball must have the same number of collisions as the number written on the brick to do that. Besides, the bricks are also placed randomly, so you need to align the angle. Start the levels using your ball to win the brick destruction challenges successfully.

Ballz mod

Download Ballz MOD APK – Explore interesting ball-shooting missions

You will try to break as many bricks as possible to get victory. They are built on top, and you will see them coming towards you, collapsing. However, they move very slowly, and you can completely change this. You will use the balls provided and shoot them toward the bricks. The balls will collide with each row of bricks and destroy them if they hit enough times. So you will prevent the row of falling bricks and complete your challenge. Participate in bubble shooting levels and show your ability to control them to break bricks.

Ballz apk

Collect the balls

The balls will be what helps you overcome brick-breaking challenges in the new world. The rows of tiles above will continuously lower until you fail the challenges. So, it would be best to collect a lot to destroy bricks and conquer victory. You will start your brick-breaking journey with just a single white ball. But you can receive support items if you eliminate the rows of bricks. They will help you increase the number of hops to break more bricks. Collect as many balls in the levels as possible and use them to face the levels in Ballz MOD APK.

Ballz mod apk

Collect boosters

You will face walls built from the most vital bricks. In particular, they are also moving towards you, so you need to take action quickly. By using the balls, you will destroy them one by one and slow down the process. However, with just one ball, you cannot destroy everything within the limited time. So, look for boosters that will help you upgrade your balls. They will drop when you kill bricks and help them increase in speed and quantity. Explore bubble shooting levels and conquer them with various boosters.

Ballz free

Infinite modes

Ball shooting levels will be designed with different challenges to prove yourself. And with the help of balls, you can discover exciting challenges. However, you need to pass each level and learn about the functions. In the process, you can increase the number of balls with enhancing items. This will help you understand that the brick level will improve in the following groups. You will feel that passing the stories is easy, but achieving a high score will be difficult. Show off your ball control and shooting talent in brick destruction levels in the new world.

Ballz android

Your task is to break as many bricks as possible to prevent them from falling and touching you. Those are the levels where you need to use unique balls that can help you win. They will collide with bricks and cause them to explode if they hit enough times. But the brick levels will increase, more challenging, and you need to search for more balls. By collecting boosters, you can upgrade your balls. They will become more numerous and agile, helping you destroy all the rows of bricks above. Download Ballz MOD APK to enjoy the challenges of shooting balls and killing bricks on endless levels.

How to Download & Install Ballz MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Money) for Android


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