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Updated on 18/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameAuto Optimizer APK
PublisherHDM Dev Team
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Smartphone overload is always one of the dilemmas of users. Auto Optimizer will not let this problem happen again. Quickly and thoroughly manage all activities on the phone. Free up space and excess memory as you use the app. Every day you access many applications and browsers. That alone is enough to generate redundant data inside the smartphone. Over time, if not cleaned, they will be filled up and cause overload. The actions and activities of the smartphone will slow down and achieve poor performance. That’s why I would like to recommend you this excellent cleaning app.

Auto Optimizer is designed with the main task of improving the speed and performance of functions in smartphones. Slow and laggy operations are caused by memory overload. Ordinary users will find it challenging to find and clean them. Auto Optimizer supports you to find them more easily. Manage and delete unnecessary things existing on your smartphone. Helps you see clearly which apps are active and taking up the most space. This is an important activity and should be done regularly.

Auto Optimizer mod

Download Auto Optimizer mod – Clean and speed up your phone quickly

The main interface of Auto Optimizer is designed in a very scientific and beautiful way. All the tools related to memory cleanup are easy to observe. The first thing that you will see is the remaining battery capacity of the smartphone. It displays right in the center of the screen, so you know the current status. Below will be sections representing tools to monitor and clean downloaded or available applications. Whatever it is, it’s fully scanned and reported to you. Their activity will be displayed somewhere else with more space. That will be the next part that I want to introduce you to in more detail.

Auto Optimizer mod apk

Clear application cache

This is an age-old problem and always makes users painful and uncomfortable. The process by which you use applications creates caches. And they will take up the limited space in your smartphone. Of course, this is not interesting at all. On the contrary, it also makes applications slow and prone to pausing. So the function of clearing cache inside Auto Optimizer will somewhat improve this problem. So please search in the list of applications you are using. The cache of the application that occupies the most, please clear it immediately. This is something that you will have to do many times.

Auto Optimizer mod apk free


You are too busy to access Auto Optimizer every day and clean up your memory. Then use the smartphone-specific auto-optimization mode. With the touch of a button, all caches can be cleared. Apps that you don’t use a lot will experience reduced performance to avoid affecting the battery. If necessary, the system will automatically delete unnecessary data. They are just junk files that appear when you download the application. If there are critical files, it is up to you to decide whether to delete them or not.

Auto Optimizer mod free

Increase performance when playing games

Even Auto Optimizer is interested and aimed at gamers who are not meager. Game Booster is a unique feature only used when playing gambling on your smartphone. All other app activities will be optimized and consume less space. This is to make the game run at high speed and with the best quality. Your experience of playing heavily light games will be significantly improved. Don’t forget to turn on Game Booster every time you start fighting games. Indeed you will form a habit faster and more conveniently.

Auto Optimizer free

Although not protecting and speeding up smartphones to an absolute level, Auto Optimizer still shows the actual value that it brings when you download. Delete unnecessary data and take up space. Speed ​​up performance when using apps or playing games for a long time. Auto Optimizer mod should be an indispensable tool in your smartphone.

Download Auto Optimizer APK for Android

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